Brzczek comments on the demise of Wisa Krakw. “We are bringing about a catastrophe” Pika None

What was unthinkable for years has become a reality. In the 2022/23 season, Wisła Kraków will not be present in the competition. The 13-time Polish champion in the 33rd round of the Premier League led 2-0 with Radomiak Radom, but in the second half he lost four goals and lost. Thus, he lost the mathematical chances of remaining in the competition. This is Wisła’s first fall from the competition since 1994.

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Jerzy Brzęczek does not know what happened to the Wisla. “We are leading to a catastrophe”

After the match, Jerzy Brzęczek stood in front of Canal + Sport’s cameras. Bartosz Glenia asked the coach what happened to Wisła in the second half. – It is hard to explain. We are leading 2-0 and everything seems under control. We lose a contact target and no longer live in this field. We are keeping the situation under control. The following blows left the players unsure of how to behave. This is terrible. Having a match for life, in a situation where the game is going very well, we lead to such a disaster – judged Brzęczek.

The former coach of “White Star” slightly improved the team’s performance, but not the results. Wisła only won one game under the leadership of Brzęczka and played no fewer than 13. Wisła also dropped out of the Polish Cup with the third division Olimpia Grudziądz. – I take these results upon myself. When I came to Wisła Kraków, I knew how difficult the situation would be. This is one win, it is certainly not enough. This does not mean that we are not allowed to score points in previous games, just like today. This was due to many factors that led to this situation. But as coach of Wisła Kraków, I take responsibility for it – said Brzęczek.

The selector was also asked if he would remain Wisła’s coach. He had previously announced that he would not be the first to run away. – We are all disappointed. It’s not an easy situation, but I don’t want to talk about the players and my future. What happened was something terrible for the club, the fans who gave the team fantastic support, he said. Immediately after that, he assessed what Wisła Kraków could not support. According to the coach, there were no leaders in the team.

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“There is hunger and anger on my part.” Not blaming the fact that the players in those previous games didn’t and didn’t want to commit, but the situation today is hard to explain and accept. What was missing was a player who could take responsibility on the pitch at decisive moments, shout. It was decisive in many meetings. On the one hand, there were games that we couldn’t finish, and on the other, we conceded goals in the last seconds of the game – said the coach.

Brzęczek also repeated it when asked if he would regret going to work in Wisła Kraków afterwards. – The easiest way was to say “for what” and “for what”. In this situation you have to be objective. It wasn’t easy when we conceded goals in stoppage time. With Lech we would have won if the 2-0 had been recognized. We were very close to the points and at the end there was only one “eye” left. It was difficult to survive after that and to motivate the players. What happened today is a summary. There were times on the field when the opponent got the upper hand and there were no leaders. Players who would take it into their own hands.

Brzęczek also revealed what the wardrobe looked like after the defeat of the Vistula River. – There was silence, then I communicated my words. But anyone who has experienced such a moment realizes what the atmosphere is like in the dressing room and what it looks like now. It’s not a pleasant sight. But this is an element of football, he concluded.

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