The “old demons” took them to the end. Hard words were spoken

It could have been a nice story for this season. The newcomer, the leader after the regular round, was one step away from the grand final. In the decisive game – as the disappointed coach says – the “old demons” returned. A big disappointment in Słupsk.

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Marcus Lewis

Press material / Andrzej Romański / Energa Basket Liga / Marcus Lewis

“This is the most important game in the history of our club” – the Słupsk announcers announced before the judge’s first whistle, encouraging the fans in “Gryfia” to cheer even more. This one was great anyway, it wasn’t this loud in the legendary venue for a long time. When 25 minutes before the game started – the host team rushed onto the field – local fans roared “Blacks”, the spines ran shivers.

The expectations in Słupsk, despite the fact that the band debuts on the dance floors of PLK under the name “STK Czarni”, were huge. The best proof is the fact that the club uploaded a recording in the morning showing President Michał Jankowski… riding a waltz! It was a reference to what had happened in the two previous matches in Wrocław. There, the Blacks won by … 83 points!

It was hoped that the basketball players would follow suit and finish the series at home, in the presence of two thousand fans who had never seen a game in the grand final in the history of basketball in Slupsk. The team always ended the competition after losing the semifinals. The coach of Mantas Cesnauskis emphasized – before the decisive game -: the main thing is not to “burn yourself”.

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They played selfishly

And perhaps these were prophetic words, for his players were not up to the task. They didn’t play as exciting as in Wrocław. They looked like the team that lost the first two games in Słupsk. So being selfish, playing ineffectively and making a lot of simple mistakes. At the post-match conference, Cesnauskis made no secret of his anger. He was disappointed with the attitude of his players. Harsh words were spoken.

Black made only 11 assists in the entire game (this is one of the worst results this season), they had 16 losses, they knocked out 23 of 57 shots in the game and clearly lost the fight on the boards (37-46). The trio Ivan Ramljak-Aleksander Dziewa-Kerem Kanter recorded a total of 28 rebounds!

The hosts decided on many individual solutions in the attack. Leader William Garrett gave 16 pitches, looks like he was able to share the ball on some points, 14 to Marcus Lewis and 11 to Beau Beech. An interesting fact is that in the whole game the Poles only shot 9 shots out of the game! The diversity that was present in the meetings in Wrocław was lacking.

– With this match, the team from Wrocław showed that they deserved to play in the grand final. Unfortunately, the “old demons” have returned to us. I don’t know why that happened. I am very dissatisfied with how we played this game. As if I had seen two previous matches played in Słupsk – he said.

Czarni Słupsk plays for the bronze medal
Czarni Słupsk plays for the bronze medal

– This time only the effectiveness was slightly better, but other elements that affected the result of the match failed. These were details – for example, pawning rivals during the fight for rebounds. They learn things like that at the junior level. You cannot make such mistakes in such a competition, if you want to advance to the grand final – he noted.

– They “killed” us with rebounds, we ran out of assists. We have suffered too many losses – said the sad Jakub Musiał, the black player, for whom the competition with Silesia was doubly important. The 23-year-old is a student of the Wrocław Club.

‘He didn’t make it to the game’

The fans, who sadly left Hala Gryfia, spoke the most about Marek Klassen, the Canadian quarterback, who in their opinion simply “didn’t make it” for this game. One of the leaders of Słupsk played a terrible game. He hit just one pitch of the game, had one assist and three losses, and the team with him on the field had a “-12” score. Cesnauskis took no blame for the defeat after the game. He did not name the basketball player. He was talking about the whole team.

– We shared the ball badly. In that regard, it was one of the worst results of the season. We didn’t share the ball, you could see we were playing selfishly. The two previous meetings had stayed in Wrocław and we could not repeat them. We have presented a basketball that does not suit us. We can not achieve anything by playing in this way – admitted the coach of the residents of Słupsk.

In the decisive game, Silesia showed more basketball wisdom, he was more composed and it is he who will play for the Polish Championship. The rival will be Legia Warsaw. Zwart is still battling for a bronze medal, which is still a huge success for the club, which makes its debut on the PLK courts this season. In the “small final”, Słupsk will face Anwil Włocławek (the first match is already on Wednesday).

– We will fight for the bronze medal, we will certainly not give up – stated Jakub Musiał.

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