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Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz defeated local Cellfast Wilki Friday night in Krosno by one point – 45:44. We evaluate the players who took part in this match. Unfortunately, none of them earned the highest rating.

Konrad Cinkowski

Adrian Miedzinskic

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Reviews by the players of Cellfast Wilków Krosno

Tobiasz Music Lacquer 4† It went from gear to gear. There was one, then two twos, and he crossed the finish line twice. He won the most important run of the day, the fifteenth, and he and his partner bagged a double win. However, it was not enough to take a point from the rival.

Mateusz Szczepaniak 2† He started perfectly as he won, although his rivals were not impressive as they were Mikhailov and Przyjemski. In the next heat he threw a point with a bonus, and later it was bad, not to say downright terrible. Two outs and a fall in last place, so it’s no wonder Szczepaniak left the Municipal Stadium very annoyed.

Vaclav Milik 4† One of the better performers on the demanding track at Krosno, but something was missing to get a very good grade. There were zero, two threes and two defeats against the leaders of “Gryfów”.

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Rafał Karczmarz 1† He started with a controversial lockout, because the judge found him touching the tape. In the next three heats, he barely made it to a spot with a bonus, and the only rival he beat was Wiktor Przyjemski.

Andrzej Lebediew 4-† An effective performance, because eleven points with a bonus is the best result in the team of Ireneusz Kwieciński, but what if – one time Wilki lost, and two, he himself looked at the backs of the best visiting players.

Franciszek Karczewski 2† It is difficult to say anything about this performance. On the one hand, Karczewski confidently defeated Przyjemski in the youth race and maintained unbeaten status in race number two. On the other hand, he didn’t finish the next two runs – first he had a breakdown due to a power outage, then he ran off the track, riding far behind.

Krzysztof Sadurski 3† His performance in this match was definitely a plus. He showed a very big claw in the youth race, as he chased Przyjemski to the last meters by two points and jerked them off him. He later defeated Zagar and it is worth noting that he had no major problems with it. Maybe he regrets the 6th gear strap, because he might have had a dot, or maybe two more, next to his name.

Marko Lewiszyn no rating† He didn’t start.

Player reviews of Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz

Daniel Jeleniewski 3+
† He started off with a strong attack, as not only did he win in the first qualifying round, but he and Kenneth Bjerre defeated their rivals twice. The next two heats were also a plus, he got lost at the end, when he was in the back of the pack and it was clear that what he was doing in the first stage of the competition was not optimal in the second.

Adrian Miedziński 3+† His performance was like a wave – sometimes high, sometimes low. Two wins and two three, plus a fall. And he may very much regret this fall, because at that time he was in the lead. Had he added it would have been 11 points which would certainly look more impressive on paper.

Kenneth Bjerre 4† The most effective link in Jacek Woźniak’s team. It was clear that the circuit at Krosno suited him as he had raced more than once in more difficult conditions at home or in the British Isles. He can be pleased with the performance and the fact that he made an important contribution to the victory.

Oleg Mikhaylov 3† He did his best and this is how his performance can be summed up. Six points and a bonus, and he twice beat the innkeeper, an under-24 rival that he had to focus on.

Matej Zagar 4† It was a real roller coaster operated by Zagar. On the one hand, we wrote three three with the Slovenian’s name, and Zagar finished the races with the best times of the day in these races. On the other hand, his account was one and zero, and in both races the former Grand Prix participant got very confused and lost what he was working for in the middle of the race.

Wiktor Przyjemski 2† It was not the Victor we are used to. The competitor started with special tires because he felt the consequences of a fall in Rawicz. He wasn’t doing well and track conditions didn’t make riding on Friday night any easier.

Przemyslaw Konieczny 1† The player from Tarnow finished two heats and both in last position. Unfortunately for him, he had major issues with a smooth ride and got way behind his rivals, hitting the tape on the third start. A match to soon forget.

6 – phenomenal
5 – very good
4 – good
3 – average
2 – weak
1 – very bad

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