FA Cup final. Chelsea-Liverpool. “The Reds” won the trophy!

The team from London and the team from Liverpool at 5:45 pm they started the battle for the FA Cup. This collision took place on Wembley.

He was active from the beginning Mohammed Salah, trying to break through Chelsea’s defence. In the 8th minute, after a good play by the Liverpool team on the left, the Egyptian missed the ball into the penalty area. Moments later, Luis Diaz was close to the lead for Liverpool, but his shot was saved by the Chelsea goalkeeper.

Thiago Alcantara awarded a free kick around the corner of the penalty area 18 minutes into the game. But in the end, Marcos Alonso’s shot from this set piece didn’t really pose a threat to Alisson’s goal.

In response, Andy Robertson showed off an individual rally, but his shot wasn’t the best for Chelsea.

Pulisic had a very good chance, but after his shot from a few tens of meters the ball almost went past the goal post of “The Reds”.

In the 33rd minute a medical intervention was necessary, after which the field had to leave Mo Salah. The Egyptian was changed by Diogo Jota.

Only Jota just before half time he had a chance to hit the ball from just a few yards, but it was difficult for him to fold well for the shot there. The result has not changed until the break.

After he switched sides, he had an excellent situation Marcos Alonso, but his goal almost missed the post. Moreover, the Spaniard hit the bar moments later.

In response, Robertson was in a pretty good position after the throw from Trent Alexander – Arnold, but he failed to make a sensible shot. Both teams lacked efficiency. This was also the case with Pulisic’s 68th minute strike attempt.

He was one of the brightest on the Liverpool side Luis Diaz. In the 69th minute he showed a very nice goal, which almost missed the connection between the post and the crossbar. By contrast, Robertson was close to luck again in the 83rd minute, but the ball only hit the post.

At the end of the game, Liverpool put more pressure. He was given the opportunity, among others, Virgil van Dijk. But the ball wouldn’t go into Chelsea’s goal. Luis Diaz also lost his next chance.

Neither team managed to tip the balance in their favor within 90 minutes of play, so Overtime became necessary.

Liverpool, on the other hand, had more and more health problems. Van Dijk also left the field prematurely.

Overtime did not bring a breakthrough. Both teams seem unconsciously waiting for penalty kicks.

Marcos Alonso was the first to score the penalty, and it was 1-0 to Chelsea in the “eleven”. However, James Milner also made no mistake and scored for Liverpool.

Cesar Azpilicuet did not take advantage of the penalty. He approached his “eleven” Thiago with great finesse. It was already 2-1 – for Liverpool.

He used a criminal Reece James (Chelsea). That’s what Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) does. Barkley (Chelsea) was also right. He probably used his “elf” Alexander – Arnold. Jorginho did not disappoint either.

Another penalty in the team “The Reds” was performed by Sadio Mane. And yet his shot defended Mendy!

Ziyech used the next eleven. Diogo Jota wasn’t wrong either. There was another draw in this competition. Then Mount’s attempt was perfectly defended by Alisson!

The decisive penalty was used by Kostas Tsimikas. Liverpool have won the FA Cup!

Chelsea – Liverpool 0-0 (0-0), on pins 5-6.

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