This competition determines the finalist! Competition star: It’s crazy

There hasn’t been such a crazy series in years! In the semifinal pair Czarni – Śląsk there is a tie 2: 2. The deciding game on Friday, guaranteed emotions. The tickets went … in 30 minutes! – We are ready – says Travis Trice, PLK star.

Karol Wasiek

In the photo from left to right: Musiał and Trice

Press material / Andrzej Romański / Energa Basket Liga / Pictured from left to right: Musiał i Trice

Czarni or Silesia? Garrett or Trice? Which team will endure mentally? – these are the main questions for the 5th game in the semifinals: Grupa Sierleccy Czarni Słupsk – WKS Śląsk Wrocław. It will be a basketball festival in Hala Gryfia (from 5.30 pm, broadcast: Polsat Sport).

The hall will be filled with fans who … have bought all tickets within 30 minutes. – Tickets sold out immediately – smiling President Michał Jankowski. His club is about to write a nice chapter. Never before – in the history of basketball in Słupsk – the team played in the PLK Grand Final.

And just a week ago… no one would bet a dime on Mantas Cesnauskis’ team. The Wrocław team won in Słupsk with a total of 45 points. They played basketball beautifully, experts welcomed the achievements of Andrej Urlep’s team and emphasized that it was the strongest team in the country.

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All signs indicated that the inhabitants of Słupsk will not recover, but those … again surprised (and even shocked!) Basketball Poland. First they won – after a wonderful spectacle – in Hala Orbita with … 63 points, breaking all records in the play-off phase. On Tuesday, they followed suit and – this time at the Centennial Hall – again won with great confidence (89:69), leveling the competition at 2:2.

this is crazy

– In the last game, everything was decided by the first half. We didn’t get into the game like we should have. We lacked the aggression and heart that should be in such gatherings. We only got together after the break, but unfortunately – unlike our rivals – we missed the decisive shots – Andrej Urlep, WKS coach Śląska Wrocław recently said.

Tuesday we watched the show of one team again. Black played quickly, dynamically and with good efficiency (15/36 for three), while Silesia – just like on Sunday – was apathetic, watching (especially in defence) and had huge problems hitting the basket (26/65 in the game). Something has completely stalled in the team from Wrocław, which was rolling like a roller over its rivals in Słupsk. Now the roles have changed, because the blacks were like a roller. It was the team that everyone admired in the regular phase.

– I wonder what words to use to describe what is happening in this series. This is crazy! Neither team can win a home game. First we won two games with them, then they responded. Now we just went there to do it again, that is, to win and advance to the grand final – explains Travis Trice, the leader of the Wrocław team, MVP of the main stage.

– Why did you play so badly in the matches in Wrocław? – we ask the American.

– Let’s rate the rival. They played great basketball. I guess we weren’t so sure at all. We just didn’t play well, Trice says.

Urlep surprised

In the final game, Słupsk’s players – Jakub Musiał and Marcus Lewis – did a great job defending against the league’s MVP. Travis Trice had a hard time hitting and positioning the basket. In two games in Wrocław, he scored a total of 29 points and hit 9 out of 25 shots in the game. He also only had eight assists (for comparison – in the second game of this series in Slupsk – 10.) Coach Urlep made no secret of his surprise after the game that Trice only forced one foul during the game. The American spent more than 33 minutes on the field and did not concede a single free kick in that time, although he averages nearly four such kicks in a game during the season.

Will black fans have reasons to be happy?
Will black fans have reasons to be happy?

“I’m a little surprised that only one foul was called on Travis Trita throughout the game, who didn’t throw once from the free-throw line,” Urlep said.

What does Trice say? “You know very well I shouldn’t talk too much about it.” I admit I was a little surprised, but that’s about it. I have to get to the dance floor and do my job – he notes.

Silesia – in Friday’s game – really needs a good game from Trice, who is not only the organizer of the game, but also a score fighter. There was neither this nor that in Wrocław, which is why the achievements of the Wrocław residents looked – to say the least – terrible.

– If you limit Trice a little, it will be easier to play with Silesia – says Mantas Cesnauskis.

Zwart’s coach knows that for Friday’s game the most important thing will be a mental approach. If his players “don’t burn”, they can win the third game in a row. But Trice, in turn, says that Wrocław residents know the taste of the game in a match for such a big stake (they won the series with Zastal 3:2, the last match in Zielona Góra).

– I have a feeling we can win. And we’ve already proved in these play-offs that we can win in game number five. So we’ll do everything we can to do it again, Trice says.

The fifth, deciding game in Słupsk on Friday at 5:30 PM. Broadcast in Polsat Sport.

One thing is certain: there has never been such an absurd and crazy series in PLK.

Karol Wasiek, journalist from WP SportoweFakty

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