The T-shirt affair in Newcastle. New uniforms leaked, fans divided

A few months ago, Newcastle United was acquired by the Saudi Arabia-based Public Investment Fund (PIF). Newcastle became the richest football club in the world. The fortune of Mohammad bin Salman, heir to the Saudi throne, is even greater than that of the owners of PSG or Manchester City. The takeover of the club sparked controversy given the regular human rights violations in the country.

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“The human rights organization Amnesty International took the floor and called on the League authorities to block the takeover of the club. The former fiancée of Jamal Khashukji, a Washington Post journalist, also spoke. murdered and dismembered probably on behalf of Mohammed bin Salman. This is what US intelligence says in a report released by President Joe Biden. And the assassination of Chashukji is just one of the charges against the Sauds, who are waging a bloody war in Yemen. and moreover, they persecute the LGBT community in their country, accept the near-slave labor law, apply corporal punishment to criminals and grant very limited rights to women” – Michał Kiedrowski wrote on in October 2021.

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Meanwhile, the new owners have set themselves the main goal of this season to keep the club in the Premier League. They started to make changes very quickly. First, Steve Bruce was replaced by Eddie Howe, who led Bournemouth for years and took the small club to the Premier League. The following moves were made in the January transfer window. Players like Bruno Guimaraes, Chris Wood, Kieran Trippier, Dan Burn and Matt Targett have joined Newcastle. The new coach and much better players began to quickly repay the trust. The Tyne River club won 10 times in 17 games in 2022 and drew twice. Because of this, he knows for sure that he will stay with the English elite. He is currently 14th in the league table, 9 points ahead of Leeds United, who open the relegation zone.

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The Saudis place their order in Newcastle. They got to work on the costumes

The new owners have no intention of resting on their laurels and want to constantly develop the club. At the same time, however, they want to arrange it in their own way, not forgetting to promote their country. Their latest idea caused controversy.

The Daily Mail said the team’s away kit will wear the colors of Saudi Arabia next season. The players play in white T-shirts with green inserts. It is true that Newcastle have already played in different colours, but the colors which refer to the colors of the home country of the owner have been met with opposition from some fans. The design of the t-shirt has already leaked to the internet. The owners hope that this T-shirt model will sell well in Saudi Arabia.

The fans are divided. Some people think the new outfits look interesting. In addition, they point out that Chelsea used to wear clothes that referred to the colors of Russia, the owner of the club, Roman Abramovich, against which no one protested. Finally, there was also a comment that Newcastle already played in white, green and black in the 1999/2000 season.

Others, in turn, are dissatisfied with the owners meddling in the club’s identity. “Just because they own us doesn’t mean we have to look like them,” wrote one of the fans.

This is not the first clash between fans and Newcastle’s new owners. When the club was taken over by the Saudis, many fans were overjoyed. They expressed their support by dressing in costumes similar to those worn by Arab sheikhs. “Newcastle United kindly asks fans not to wear traditional Arab clothing or Middle Eastern-inspired headgear during matches if they are not used to it,” the club announced that they decided to intervene.

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