The Polish boxer defeats the former world champion

In the fight of the evening they faced each other Jan Lodzik (balance 7-0 so far) and 38-year-old Italy Domenico Valentino (11-2), former amateur world lightweight champion in 2009. 11 years younger”Iron “Because that’s the nickname of a Pole, he was confident he would win. It was his eleventh fight. So far, he has never left professional rings beaten. It hasn’t changed…

The duel was contracted for 10 rounds. Lodzik advanced from the start, but the experienced Valentino, a three-time Olympian, knew very well how to behave in the ring. sometimes boxers they were charmed, who wanted to deal a painful blow to his rival. The audience rewarded more effective actions with applause. Before the final round, the boxers hugged. After the final gong, the Pole raised his hand in a gesture of triumph.

The jury decided that this match was won by Lodzik after a unanimous decision. – After the first round I thought I would finish it. Then I thought it was only a matter of time, I felt fine, but still wasn’t ready early. domenico he’s a crazy guy, cool name on the defeat list. I was afraid that my condition would be my weak point, but I persevered – smiled Lodzik.

The light-heavyweight fight was also dynamic. Lukasz “Boom Boom” Pławecki, the entry of which was accompanied by a hysterical scream from one of the fans, he faced Krzysztof Wojciechowski, who lost none of four fights in a professional ring. The confrontation was even, nobody gave up. This eight round duel must have taken a lot of effort, but the fighters were impeccably prepared. After the fight with recognition, they hugged and thanked each other for the fight. The jury chose a draw. – There was a good fight – said Wojciechowski with a smile after the fight. Pławecki also welcomed the verdict. The boxers even made an appointment revenge

There was also one Polish-African fight during the gala. 27 year old Konrad Debrowski he collided with a Tanzanian two years younger. Hamisi Ayoub Maya he fights a lot (balance13-4-1). In Jaworzno he fought an equal duel. He was taller than his rival and had a greater reach of his arms, although Dąbrowski could sometimes break through this barbed wire. After the fight, Maya danced the victory dance, but the judges appreciated the Pole’s efforts and unanimously scored in his favor. – I got an offer to fight and decided to take it. I would like to go back to Poland. I have already signed another duel – in a month I will fight in Dar-Es-Saalam, in my home country [z Kongijczykiem Mardochee Kuvesą Katembo, przyp. aut.]† Come on – Maya smiled after the fight.

The fight of the toughest boxers of the evening was very short. Mateusz Lis touch the Slovak Radoslav Estocin so firm in the body that it knelt and was no longer able to continue the fight. It turned out he had a hand bruise. The fox won via technical knockout in just one minute and 26 seconds.

No lack of ambition Pawe Rog and Oskar Gajcowski† Beginners, both fought after the second professional fight. Gajcowski punched his rival’s nose and had him sit on the boards on the last lap. No wonder he won after the unanimous decision of the jury.

Competition results (winners names in bold):

Fight of the Night – 10 rounds of 3 minutes in a super light weight (up to 63.5 kg): Jan Lodzik – Domenico Valentino 3-0


8 rounds of 3 minutes in light heavyweight (up to 79.4 kg): Łukasz Pławecki – Krzysztof Wojciechowski draw

6 rounds of 3 minutes within the contractual limit of maximum 68 kg: Konrad Debrowski – Hamisi Maya (Tanzania) 3-0

6 rounds of 3 minutes within the contractual limit of maximum 86 kg: Mateusz Lis – Radoslav Estocin (Slovakia) TKO in the first round

4 rounds of 3 minutes within the contractual limit of maximum 68.5 kg: Oskar Gajcowski – Paweł Rog 3-0

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