The 40-year-old got into a drunken stupor. He threatened to kill his own wife!

Police officers from Ostrołęka received a dramatic report about an argument that had started under the influence of drunkenness by a 40-year-old resident of our poviat. The fighter threatened to kill his own wife.

Last Wednesday, May 11, a nervous woman called 911 and informed the officer on duty about the brawl started by her drunken husband. He would threaten the woman with life and mistreat her for a long time.

After a few minutes at the indicated address, police officers from the Ostrołęka patrol department found a 40-year-old hybrid of the Ostrołęka poviat. During the work, the man also began to behave aggressively towards the intervening police officers, forcing them to take immediate coercive measures, which had the expected effect. Ultimately, the 40-year-old family member was taken into custody.

– informed Commissioner Tomasz Żerański, press spokesman for the Municipal Police Headquarters in Ostrołęka.

The 40-year-old heard the accusation of bullying. In addition, he was ordered to leave the house immediately and was forbidden to approach the victim.

Further proceedings in this case are being conducted under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor by police officers from the Investigation and Investigation Department in Ostrołęka.

Which domestic violence offenders are at risk?

Under the provisions that came into effect on November 30, 2020, police officers have the option of ordering a person who commits domestic violence to leave the jointly occupied home and its immediate vicinity immediately, or a prohibition on entering the home and approach the immediate vicinity. These orders or prohibitions may be issued cumulatively and are immediately enforceable.

A police officer has the right to issue an order or injunction:

  • during an intervention in a shared flat or its immediate vicinity;
  • in connection with learning about the use of domestic violence (particularly following a report by a victim of domestic violence, a probation officer or an employee of an organizational society, in connection with the performance of legal duties).

The person against whom the injunction or injunction has been issued has the right to:

  • she takes only personal and work-related items and pets that are her property;
  • a one-off possibility to remove the house from the apartment at a later date, in the presence of a police officer and after agreement with a person who is a victim of domestic violence;
  • file a complaint with the court competent for the location of the jointly occupied flat in connection with issuing an injunction or injunction.

In addition, the person to whom the order or prohibition is issued is obliged:

  • to indicate the indicated whereabouts to the police,
  • phone number if possible
  • inform about any change in the above range.

During the period that the order or ban is in effect, police officers are required to check compliance at least three times. In the event of non-compliance by a person with the prohibition or order issued by the police, the Code of Minor Crimes provides for the penalty of arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine and the application of an accelerated procedure to the perpetrator of this crime.

The injunction or injunction expires 14 days from the date of issue, unless the court grants security during its validity in cases where a person using domestic violence leaves the jointly occupied apartment and its immediate surroundings or approaches the apartment and the immediate environment of it prohibits environment. † The obligations also lapse if a person who abuses domestic violence who has been ordered or banned is detained on suspicion of committing a crime, and subsequently subject to a preventive measure in the form of temporary detention or warrant for her. temporarily leave the premises shared with the injured party.

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