He is still defending the expelled Russians. He claims this is his role. “Scary” tennis

“Sport Illustrated” magazine reported that the men’s tennis organization (ATP) is getting closer to penalizing Wimbledon for excluding Russians and Belarusians from the next edition of the tournament. At stake is the deprivation of points from all tennis players for this year’s performance on grass in London. As reported by “The Times”, this idea comes from the players themselves.

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The dispute over the exclusion of Russians

Tennis players called on ATP to withdraw all ranking points from the tournament in protest at the decision of the organizers and Wimbledon authorities are in talks with ATP management, the British daily reports.

The Wimbledon government is under pressure from Boris Johnson’s government, which wants to maintain the ban on the Russians. Labor MP Chris Bryant, head of the parliamentary faction on Russia, admitted that depriving him of points for his Wimbledon performance would be a punishment for “taking a proper and principled stance after the invasion of Ukraine”.

– This is outrageous. Everyone must do what they can to ensure that Putin’s barbarian invasion fails. Any less involvement means complicity in bloodshed and mass crime, Bryant added, quoted by The Times.

Wimbledon and the other three Grand Slam tournaments each award two thousand points to the winners of the women’s and men’s singles. It is the highest paid, scored and prestigious tennis league in the world.

Wimbledon won’t back down

Tennis players are arguing that awarding points for Wimbledon this year will be unfair as players like Daniil Medvedev (2nd in the ranking) or Andrej Rublev (7th) are excluded. ATP is expected to make the final decision at the end of this week. The Men’s and Women’s Tennis Federation criticized Wimbledon’s decision, calling it “ethnic discrimination.”

The British would reply to the ATP authorities that they had no intention of withdrawing from the ban. They cite a return to justification in which they stated, among other things, that “they are acting to limit Russia’s global influence by the strongest possible means”.

The Telegraph says it is the ATP Tennis Council – a body made up of players’ representatives – that is pushing for the removal of points for Wimbledon. The magazine cites Rafael Nadal, who is a member of the Tennis Council. A Spaniard, who last week said it was “unfair” to exclude people like Daniil Medvedev, refused to reveal details of “private conversations” between him and his colleagues. He also does not want to say whether he was in favor of receiving points for his performance at Wimbledon.

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Nadal .’s key role

All we can do is keep in touch with Wimbledon and the rest of ATP management to protect every tennis player. After all, this is our job: to protect the players, work for the benefit of every tennis player we represent – added Nadal. Rafael Nadal says his ‘job’ is to defend the Russians excluded from Wimbledon, according to The Telegraph.

He is still by far the most important figure on the Tennis Council. Formally it also belongs to Roger Federer, among others, but the Swiss has not played tennis for almost a year. Andy Murray and Novak Djoković in turn left the council.

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According to “The Telegraph”, Wimbledon organizers see the pressure from the Tennis Council as an attempt to punish them for the decision to exclude Russians and Belarusians. Chris Bryant asks: “Federer and Nadal have to be honest. Do they want Vladimir Putin to fail or do they not care? Men’s tennis is terrifying. Like they don’t hear or care about what is happening in Ukraine.”

The recommendations of the 10-member Tennis Council are not binding on ATP, but according to British media, federation authorities will have no choice but to follow the players’ suggestions.

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