The second life of Polish champions. A dramatic game for gold

Before the start of the game, the Kędzierzyn-Koźle players emphasized their rival’s class, but that should be seen as a courtesy. After all, in the last seven games, they’ve found a way to do them every time. Reclaiming the title in front of your own audience sounded like the fulfillment of a perfect screenplay. But the people of Jastrzębie finally remembered that ZAKS can also be beaten. As in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the team was helped by the super-reserve Rafał Szymura

And finally, ZAKSA was ready to celebrate the pre-match championship. The hall was filled to the last place, the players entered the field in a spectacular setting and before the first whistle “Mazurka Dąbrowski” was sung. The doping-driven hosts were the first to take the two-point lead. However, they lost it pretty quickly, because in the next two actions they hit the net.

The people of Jastrzębie-Zdrój took the initiative. First of all, the block helped them. First they stopped him ukasz Kaczmareklater Kamil Semeniuk† The guests drove 19:16. The rivals bloc didn’t keep up for a long time Benjamin Toniuttic† However, he started to get to work just before the end of the set and ZAKSA led to a play of advantage. However, the deciding vote had a block of guests holding back Semeniuk again and winning 26:24.

This season, the team from Jastrzębie-Zdrój won few sets with ZAKS, despite meeting her eight times. However, the last seven games have been victories for Kędzierzyn’s players. † There is no complex. There’s just one team that plays well, plays volleyball completely, and there’s another team that doesn’t fully believe in their skills – this is how Yuri Gladyr defined the team’s problems.the middle of the Jastrzębski coal.

In the second set, his team’s faith was tested again. The hosts jumped back to four points in no time. He especially had problems in the attack Trevor Clenotwho signed a new contract with the club the day before. He also walked into the block Jan Hadravacthere was an error while receiving Tomasz Fornal

But above all, the inhabitants of Kędzierzyn did well. When rivals cut losses, the coach reacted Gheorghe Cretu† Kaczmarek brought a lot of points, he showed himself as a service ace Norbert Huber† ZAKSA won 25:20.

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The guests left for the third party Stephen Boyer in the basic composition. The French started well on the other side Marcin Janusz he often used Huber on the offensive. Both teams’ problem was errors in the service field. When they managed to put the ball in play, the hosts did better. They quickly worked out a three point lead.

Nicola Giolito responded by introducing Szymura to the field. Fornal, descending from the dance floor, merely kicked the billboard furiously. However, they signaled the center to overtake. Lukasz Wiesniewskiz scored a run with a serve, Gladyr with a single block. Kaczmarek’s attacks, who were unable to convert the Polish representative into points, gave the guests an advantage.

In the end, the Jastrzębie players led at 22:20, then they lost three actions in a row, but they were still happy with the win. Clenott’s smart service proved decisive.

Szymura also made a good sub, which made it difficult for his rivals to play with strong plays. However, at the beginning of the fourth feast, Semeniuk was the biggest shock of the service. Thanks to him, ZAKSA had a slight edge over its rivals. The minimal lead remained at 14:14 as Boyer used his range in a counterattack.

The French played unequally, but the visitors’ wing performed well in attack. But eventually the inhabitants of Kędzierzyn found a way to Szymura. Every now and then there was a draw on the scoreboard. At the end of the field with a bruise of the leg, Huber left, whose friends had to endure the field† This shocked ZAKS. Hadrava and Szymura played the decisive roles. The Czech, brought in for service, sounded like a cannon and the taker scored the last run. After a while, he accepted the award for the MVP of the meeting.

ZAKSA lead the league to three wins 2:1, but in the next match, the Jastrzębie players have the advantage of their own field on their side. The fourth game will be played on Saturday.

Grupa Azoty ZAKSA: Kaczmarek, Huber, Śliwka, Janusz, Smith, Semeniuk – Shoji (libero) and Żaliński, Kluth, Rejno

Jastrzębski coal: Hadrava, Gladyr, Fornal, Toniutti, Wiśniewski, Clevenot – Popiwczak (libero) and Boyer, Tervaportti, Macyra, Szymura

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