Sports communion gifts for boys and girls. Not just cycling

Sports communion gifts it is worth choosing based on the interests of the receiving boy or girl. Therefore, in order not to waste money, it is worth checking in advance what sport does the child practice? or what discipline he watches with a red face. Sports communion gifts are also a great way to ignite a new passion in him† Sports Communion Gifts: What to buy?

Staying in the spirit of the kids buying tradition Holy Communion watchesthere are quite a few on the market smartwatches† These sports communion gifts outdo each other in the options proposed. Among communion smartwatches we can find watches with functions such as: designating a safe space for a childvoice call recording recreate routes or body temperature measurement.

Sports gifts for communion in the form of smartwatches are expenses from PLN 200† However, the cheapest watches have a limited number of features and lower quality displays. The average price of a smartwatch for a child for communion is more than PLN 300while for almost half a thousand a child receives a luxurious gift.

The perfect sports communion gift for a boywho loves football is “Al Rihla”. That’s what it’s called official ball of the World Cup in Qatarwhich means travel in arabic. The ball was designed by the company Adidas and, as is usually the case at major football events, every boy dreams of having a ball played by his favorite athletes.

A sports communion gift for a boy in the form of the official World Cup ball is maximum spend of PLN 649† This price will be displayed on the official website of the store for a ball AL RIHLA PRO BALL† You in turn have to pay PLN 400 less for a copy AL RIHLA COMPETITION BALL† This sports communion gift cost PLN 249

Sports gifts for communion are bicycleswhich disappear like hot cakes from the shops in May. Communion is a great opportunity for a child toignite the love for cycling† Therefore, it is worth considering which bike is best for a child. Popular bikes MTB great for rocky, muddy mountain routes

If we want the child to learn driving on the road or gravelit’s worth betting on racing bike† Sports communion gifts for children who like to act crazy skate parks and learn tricks, that’s natural BMX bikes† Whatever we decide to do, every purchase of a bicycle for a child must be accompanied purchase of a matching helmet

How much does a bicycle cost for a child for Communion? It all depends on the type, size of the frame and wheels and the intended use. This kind of sports gifts, which also guarantee the safety, They start from about a thousand zloty† A children’s bicycle helmet is a cost item of the order minimum PLN 100

The sympathy and unforgettable memories of the child will certainly be guaranteed beloved club jersey† As you can guess, this year’s T-shirts are hugely popular these days Champions League Finalists† Sports communion gifts are no small expense – official Liverpool jersey for a child it is almost an expense PLN 300† For the second finalist’s t-shirt, Real Madrid, you have to spend PLN 280

Besides the official T-shirts with the name of your favorite football player, there is also no shortage of offers on the market T-shirts with print† You can order a T-shirt with the child’s name for an affordable price. Personalized of course, sports gifts for communion it is an inexhaustible repertoire of possibilities. A child’s gratitude will surely help ticket to a beloved match club of a visit to the stadiumwhat big clubs often offer.

Good news for godparents who buy sports gifts for communion is the fact that the restrictions only apply to the wallet options. For example, an interesting idea could be: foosball table† This one provides family fun. The price of a foosball table is a cost item several hundred zloty† If your kid likes ping pong, it’s worth investing in ping pong tablewhose prices begin from a thousand zloty

Although winter is already in the belt, he is young ski lover You will definitely be happy with the downhill set. The cost of alpine skis plus shoes is about a thousand zlotys. However, these are sports communion gifts for gifted children waiting for the slopes to open† A less original gift, but stimulating for active fun, are roller skates. However, it is worth remembering that we will find on the market slalom rollers† Their price is, depending on the model, minimum PLN 700

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