snails. A fighter with no chance of a medal? Surprising words from Marek Cieślak Włókniarz lost in Gorzów with the weakened Moje Bermuda Stalą 40:50. The fans of the club Częstochowa are disappointed. Many of them are convinced that the team will not be successful again. Coach Marek Cieślak has a different opinion.

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The residents of Częstochowa were the favorites of the game in Gorzów, as the hosts rode weakened by the lack of an injured Szymon Woźniak. It looked like Lech Kędziora’s team would take advantage of Moje Bermuda Stali’s troubles, but the guests presented themselves very poorly. – It is common for a weakened team to do well unexpectedly because the pressure relieves it. The players know that even in defeat, no one will tear their head off. There is more slack and this helps with the result. It was visible on the side of Gorzów. On the other hand, Włókniarz may have felt that he was looking for the match before the game – tells Marek Cieślak.

After the meeting in Gorzów, there are many voices that Włókniarz will no longer be successful in the 2022 season. The team has been riding very unevenly so far and has many weaknesses. However, Cieślak believes that the inhabitants of Częstochowa are not doomed to failure. – Before the start of the competition, but after I excluded the Russians, I said that Motor, Stal and Włókniarz now have the best chances for medals. The first two teams confirm this. Włókniarz not yet, but I still think this is a team with potential that can fight for the box. I believe in them and don’t want to delete them. It’s only May and everything will be decided in a few months. With such a system of games, the main thing is not what happens now. Now the club’s response is key for me. You can’t do stupid things. You have to stay calm and work patiently – notes the coach.

As for the seniors, Cieślak believes that the leaders, Kacper Woryna and Bartosz Smektała, will do better in the next matches. The experienced coach still has the most doubts in the case of Jonas Jeppesen. – In Gorzów he scored a few points, but he can’t influence that. You have to find out who he was fighting against. Then the assessment is completely different. I don’t deny his ambition, but somehow I don’t believe there will be a breakthrough here. In my opinion, this is a first-class player. However, Włókniarz hopes until the end, because they have no other choice – he explains.

The former Włókniarz coach, on the other hand, believes in the awakening of Jakub Miśkowiak, who does not resemble last season’s player, when he could be a key link in many games. – The problem with Cuba is visible and in my opinion everything is caused by the equipment. We are talking about a competitor based on the start. If he wins that, he’s very fast after that. This is not the type of drum that breaks through to the head of the competition. I spoke to him and his team. I believe the problem is deeper and involves more snail riders. Jaroslaw Hampel and Tai Woffinden also failed, but they changed the engines and the effect was immediately visible. And Miśkowiak is a customer of the same tuner as she. I’m not saying he should leave too. I also believe that Ryszard Kowalski should not be offended, because everything can change in the blink of an eye – says Cieślak.

– Besides, I see that Miśkowiak cares a lot about him. He really tries everything, because his motivation is perfect. The junior age is almost coming to an end and good performances this season are a good bargaining chip when negotiating a contract for the next competition. I believe in this case something will surprise at some point. And then the image of this team will change – he sums up.

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