Self-regulation in the veterinary medicine industry

The veterinary drug industry and importers have launched a self-regulatory initiative. Industry representatives announced the entry into force of the Marketing Code of Ethics that governs the principles of advertising and promotion of veterinary medicinal products. The code was initiated by the POLPROWET association, which associates more than 85% of the industry of veterinary drug manufacturers in Poland. There are currently 12 companies among the signatories to the Code of Ethics.

The idea of ​​industry self-regulation is an important initiative, especially in the context of the challenges ahead this year with the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2019/6 of the European Parliament and of the Council on veterinary medicinal products. Among other things, the regulation makes it possible to trade OTC medicines via the internet, which was not possible in Poland until now. That is why all regulations guaranteeing ethical behavior, especially in the context of animal health protection, are gaining in importance.

– The POLPROWET Association aims to promote ethical marketing activities, both among the members of the association and the entire veterinary pharmaceutical industry. For this purpose, we have established the Code of Marketing Ethics, a set of rules and standards to be followed by entities marketing veterinary medicines in Poland. – said Radosław Knap, Secretary General of POLPROWET.

The veterinary market – especially in the context of companion animals – has developed very dynamically in recent years. This is undoubtedly a consequence of the societal trends in animal care that have existed for several years. At the moment we don’t treat them like animals, but as family members we spend more and more, we take better care of their health and well-being. This translates into an increase in awareness and expectations regarding the quality and effectiveness of available therapies, and this naturally entails the development of the market towards new, more effective and safer therapies.

– As a company, we have established from the start that we want to make medicines. The pharmaceutical standard is a sine qua non for carrying out this type of activity. We believe that the safety and effectiveness of the products we develop are the most important elements on which animal owners’ confidence in our therapies will be based. At the same time, we know how important communication is, so we want to go broader and also ensure marketing standards. Hence the idea of ​​joining the code of ethics proposed by POLPROWET – says Łukasz Bzdzion, chairman of the board of directors of Bioceltix.

Industry representatives took part in the work on the code of ethics for the advertising of veterinary products, POLPROWET as the initiator of the project, and the legal side was provided by the law firm Kieszkowska Rutkowska Kolasiński. – Sectoral codes of ethics are an expression of the maturity of the industry that develops them, as they require consensus among competitors. Self-regulation is an extremely desirable way to create rules, because custom, etiquette, or other self-produced norm has more power than abstract law, whose power comes mainly from sanctions. Otherwise, one obeys one’s own internalized norms, and otherwise to obligations imposed from outside on pain of sanctions – says Jakub Misiak of law firm KRK sp.j.

– As members of the association, we want to establish standards recognized as good practice in Poland. The code of ethics itself allows us, through the appointed ethics council, to collectively evaluate advertising practices and intervene when they violate the rules adopted by the industries. The adoption of the Code of Ethics for Advertising clearly defines the framework in which we want to operate – summed up Robert Kaszyński, Chairman of the Board of the POLPROWET association.

At the last Marketing Ethics Council meeting, signatories’ representatives elected a presidency consisting of:

  • Małgorzata Cebula – HIPRA POLSKA Sp. so oo
  • Milena Lasecka- Matusiak – Phibro Animal Health (Poland) sp.Z oo;
  • Marta Laskowska – Boehringer Ingelheim z oo;
  • Agnieszka Lewandowska – Zoetis Polska Sp. so oo
  • Izabela Piotrowska- Mrzygłód – Vetoquinol Biowet Sp. so oo

List of signatories to the Code of Ethics for Marketing:

  • Bioceltix A.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Sp. with ao.
  • Ceva z o. O
  • Elanco Poland Sp. z o. o
  • HIPRA POLSKA Sp. z o. o
  • Huvepharma Polska Sp. z o. o
  • Intervet z o. O
  • medivetA.
  • Phibro Animal Health (Poland) sp.Z o.
  • Vetoquinol Biowet Sp. z o. o
  • Virbac z o. O
  • Zoetis Polska Sp. z o. o

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