Raków has his people in Pozna, Lech may have a problem

Monday’s draw between Górnik Łęczna and Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza made sure Warta Pozna secured his maintenance in PKO Ekstraklasa. Her last two games – the derby with Lech and away with Wisła Kraków – are of great importance, but especially for her rivals. Of course Warta will fight for points, because at the end of the season it could still be tenth place, which means a few hundred thousand zloty extra bonus for the budget. That’s a lot for one of the poorest clubs in the league.

In the context of the battle for the Polish championship, the Pozna Saturday derby is absolutely crucial. Perhaps this is the last chance to change the leadership position that Lech now holds. In the last round, “Kolejorz” will face the weak Zagłębie Lubin in the spring and it is hard to believe that with 40 thousand. people in his stadium gave such a chance. It was similar 12 years ago – he also had the last game against Zagłębie, he also had to win and he did it. Then, after the hits Robert Lewandowski and suicide, triumphed 2-0.

Raków Częstochowa is now counting on a miracle and even a draw in the Poznan derby, which lost the lead in the table after a draw with Cracovia 1-1. There is little that speaks for Warta now, however, especially now that she has secured a competitive existence for next season. The “Greens” don’t have many die-hard fans in the capital of Greater Poland, although the club from Wilda is very popular. However, when it comes down to what, and now that Warta is extra safe, the sympathy and cheers will shift almost entirely to Lech’s side. There aren’t too many players on Warta’s squad who would still be spiritually connected to Lech, as they represented him longer. It’s really just Lukasz Trałka and Michał Jakobowski† But Raków has one advantage – and quite a few.

This advantage is the three players borrowed from Częstochowa to Pozna for this round. Last summer Raków bought from Warta the then sports director of this club, Robert Grafwho did a great job at the club with Wilda. In the winter, the cooperation between these clubs continued – Raków recruited a youth player from Warta Simon Czycand he himself lent it to Pozna Daniel SzelagowskiMiguel Luis and Jordan Courtney Perkins† It seemed that the transfer of the old youth would be paramount for Warta. However, this is not the case, as Szelągowski had health problems in this round – after Lindsay Rose’s brutal foul in the match against Legia.

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His flaw was abused by others, especially the goalkeeper Daniel Grobelnywho also jumped in the youth position Miguel Luis† The Portuguese autumn in Raków can actually be considered lost – the coach Marek Papszun He did not bet on him at all, he appeared in the match team only twice, and he played only once. He took the field in the 89th minute of the game against … Warta, when Raków was already leading 3-0. He revived after being loaned to “Zielone” – he plays in every game, scored three goals and an assist. If he also “hurt” Lech now, he would likely have a special place in Papszun’s plans next season. And Szelągowski also knows what it feels like to take points away from Lech. He did so in the fall of 2021 in the final action of the match in Bułgarska Street he ran half the field with the ball, passed three rivals and hit 3-3

He is the third player to be loaned to Warta Jordan Courtney-Perkins, but the Australian’s role has been negligible lately. Lately there have been no objections to the defense line of the inhabitants of Pozna, Lukasz Trałka of David Szymonowicz and Robert Ivanov they are often a monolith and if necessary a trainer Dawid Szulczek leads them to their places Mateusz Kupczak or recently imported Aleksander Pawlowiec† It doesn’t change the fact that each of these three players has played for the Polish Championship this season and if Warta takes points from Lech on Saturday, Courtney-Perkins, Szelągowski and Luis will increase their chances of competing in the Polish Championship on their resumes.

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The match between Warta and Lech will take place at the stadium in Grodzisk Wlkp – the start of the match on Saturday at 15. Television broadcast on TVP Sport and Canal + Sport, “live” text message on sport.interia.pl. The stadium will be full – ticket sales have already ended in the previous week

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