Investing in sport pays off – Puls Biznesu

Probably everyone knows the Orlen brand in Poland. Why are you spending money promoting it? And why did you choose the sport?

The Poles actually know Orlen very well. Research conducted by leading agencies confirms that we are the most recognizable gas station brand, as well as the most trusted and loved one. But we had to work to get a positive perception. This is the result of, among other things, investing in the development of athletes – our support already covers 80 players, titles and future champions, known not only in the country, but also in international arenas. This is especially important because Orlen is a global company, we operate in 100 countries on six continents. It also determines the reach of our sponsorship activities, which are growing steadily. Effects? Today, 7 out of 10 customers say they value the Orlen brand more because of our commitment to sports sponsorship. In addition, customers who associate us with sports are much more likely to visit our stations and use our services. In addition, we are the largest company in Poland, and the survey shows that Poles in particular expect leaders to be committed to supporting sports, culture and education for children and young people. We meet these expectations. Last year alone, we covered 55 thousand people with sports programs. children and adolescents. The numbers speak for themselves.

As for the numbers, according to the sponsorship report, your group’s brands in Poland have gained exposure of more than PLN 1.1 billion, and thanks to F1, also the global value of more than PLN 640 million. How much did it cost you and was it profitable?

Each Formula 1 race is watched by an average of about 100 million people around the world and the number of unique spectators already reaches 450 million. This is data that can and should make an impression. In addition, the popularity of this sport is constantly growing. This year, the Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen team has attracted more than 20 new sponsors. Interest from Formula 1 fans watching the competition live on the track is also growing, as confirmed by the latest race in Miami. With such data, it’s hard to question its potential to improve brand recognition. On F1 circuits around the world, a car races in white and red colors with a striking display of the Orlen brand logo. In addition, together with our partner, we carry out a number of programs and communication activities to make the most of all the benefits of this collaboration. The face of these activities is Robert Kubica, the only Pole to have been in the elite group of the best drivers in the world to date. Robert is a brand in his own right, he is a highly regarded player, with international recognition. And what is most important to us, 70 percent. of respondents associate it with Orlen.

Brand awareness is one thing, but have these expenses had a business impact? Do you have a way to monetize the effects of sports marketing?

Yes. Every project Orlen is involved in is well thought out and delivers measurable image and business benefits. Sponsor activities make our offer recognizable. That’s the key word. On the one hand, it is an opportunity to display the logo in the most attractive places in terms of image, and on the other, it is easier to collaborate with the best athletes, whose successes are followed by fans all over the world. Thanks to such activities, the generated equivalent is many times higher than the funds involved. Simply put: investing in sport pays off for us. In addition, we have created a single platform from scratch for marketing activities in Poland and in foreign markets. This saves money and time in the production of advertising material. We do it centrally, achieve a synergy effect and build a consistent image of the Orlen brand worldwide.

You support motorsport, athletes, volleyball players, football players, chess players or Paralympics… Which athlete do you support the most? Which performance evoked the most emotions in you?

The white and red colors in sports arenas always evoke positive and warm emotions in me. In every edition. But when running a business and making important investments from the point of view of the Polish economy and even Central Europe, there is little time left to follow the sports battle. When I assumed the position of President of PKN Orlen four years ago, I set myself the goal of dynamically developing the company, strengthening its position not only in Poland, but also abroad and, of course, maximizing of the profit. I understood that sport is one of the tools to achieve these goals, which is very effective. That’s why we’ve increased our investment in sports sponsorship by 120% over the past four years. The effects of our actions are visible. Last year, Orlen’s net profit was PLN 11.2 billion. The sponsorship report, which we have published for 2021, shows that our vision for the development of the company is based on, among other things, involvement in sports, it is well thought out and delivers the expected benefits. It is also a signal to our shareholders that we are investing every zloty earned wisely and wisely.

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