How to get rid of mosquitoes without chemicals? It’s worth the try!

To prevent mosquito bites, it’s best to isolate yourself from mosquitoes by preventing them from gaining access to your skin. There are many types of mosquito nets: there are models mounted on windows and doors, such as in the form of a canopy over the bed, mosquito nets for prams and hats with mosquito nets for outdoor sportsmen.

Although the mosquito tape contains a chemical that repels these insects, it does not penetrate the skin and has no irritating odor. Moreover, it is completely natural: this lemon eucalyptus essential oil† The manufacturer ensures that the action of the tape is comparable to that of chemical repellents containing DEET. This method also works on the hair feathers.

Mosquito stickers soaked in essential oil that repel them work in a similar way. Shall we stick them on a stroller or crib, your clothes or backpack

How to make our environment mosquito-free? Electrofumigator is a device that is eagerly used in houses and apartments. It’s a small device that, when plugged into electricity, releases small amounts of insecticide — enough to eliminate insects, but harmless to humans. However, many people suffer from their chemical smell. An alternative to the electrofumigator could be an insect repellent using ultrasound at the correct frequency, inaudible to humans. Some models run on batteries, so you can use them not only indoors, but also outdoors, for example by attaching them to a backpack, clothing or pram. According to the manufacturer’s guarantees, the range is several tens of square meters.

Another interesting way to control mosquitoes is with insecticide lamps. They can be used indoors, and some models also outdoors – in the garden or on the balcony. They work by emitting a specific type of light that attracts flying insects† The attracted insects are killed by the electrical charge generated on the mesh surrounding the light source and fall into a container at the bottom of the lamp. These devices do not emit toxic substances and are safe for pets and people.

A traditional fly trap will help defend against a variety of flying insects, but may not work for small leeches. After all, to kill an insect we have to wait for it to settle on something. Since mosquitoes are much more likely to sit on their victims than on furniture or walls, the matter is not easy – hardly anyone is ready to beat themselves or their loved ones with their paws. A better way for mosquitoes would be: electric trap that allows you to kill the insect in flight† At night, when this one pesky insect is keeping you awake (let alone grabbing you), it will prove invaluable.

The bites of our native mosquitoes are not dangerous to health (as long as we are not allergic to them), but they can be very annoying. Persistent itching makes it hard not to scratch, and the associated swelling can be painful. To relieve these symptoms, we usually pick up creams or ointments from the pharmacy. But what to do if we are allergic to their ingredients? Or do we just not want to put another chemical on our skin? We can reach for pruritus leveler – special a device that removes itching, pain and swelling thanks to local electrical impulses that reduce the production of histamine† The use is simple: the tip is placed on the bite site and the button is pressed five times. The equipment does not emit chemicals and is safe for children over 4 years old, pregnant women and people with allergies. It also helps with bites and stings from other insects such as ants, wasps and bees.

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