The oldest rookie in Grbit’s team. He didn’t even dream of the performance

Although the definition of the word “debutant” does not state age, novice players are mainly associated with talented young players who are just entering the world of sports. However, the Polish volleyball team is rich enough in recognized names that this rule does not apply. It is difficult to break there and the excellent league players have been waiting for their appointment for years.

Butryn also does not fit the image of a young debutant. Husband and father, he will soon be 29 years old. In the fall in an interview with Interia, he admitted that he would like to “catch up” to go to Spała at least once† The news of his appointment found him in the midst of a fight for the PlusLiga semifinals. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn, in which he plays, competed with PGE Skra Bełchatów for a place in the medal zone. There was no time to celebrate the appointment and the name of the volleyball player on Grbit’s list was a surprise.

I heard about the appointment over the internet† I had no information from the trainer beforehand. Only later did he call and present his training vision. Family, friends and acquaintances congratulated, but the phone did not discharge, no exaggeration – says Butryn.

The original team for the League of Nations included 29 names, and after a few days, the selector added another attacker – Kewin Sasak. Five names had to be removed from this list. In the end, two attackers disappeared – Sasak and Bartłomiej Boładź. Butryn received an invitation to Spała.

He has not been to the main training center of Polish volleyball players until now. He didn’t get the chance to take over central training and go to junior team training camps because he didn’t get serious about volleyball until he was 18 years old. Now she is making up for lost time and chasing after her peers.

– Some started much earlier. I develop myself every year, I finally got my calling at 29 years old. I didn’t go that far as a kid, I didn’t even dream of the national team. I’ve always wanted to play in PlusLiga. But I got into the staff and I’m very happy about that. On the way it was possible to doubt a little† However, the national team coach has changed and he noticed me – says Butryn.

His competitors to play in the League of Nations will be players with much longer experience in the national team. When Bartosz Kurek and his team won the European Championship, Butryn didn’t know that he would bet on volleyball. Maciej Muzaj was regularly called up by Vital Heynen, he won the ME bronze and LN medals. Last year, Łukasz Kaczmarek won the Champions League and went to the Olympics.

Butryn played only six seasons in PlusLiga, he never fought for medals and he is more than 10 centimeters lower than any of his competitors. But for two years now, he has been the best attacker in the competition. Even though the battle for the medals is on and he’s done with his season, he’s still here second best scorers and third best serve

– I am very curious what it will all look like, what the level of education will be. You don’t find many players of this level in clubs† I know who I will be competing with in the position and it will not be easy. I will give it one hundred percent and we will see where it will lead me – emphasizes Butryn.

The nearly 29-year-old player is the oldest of the seven rookies to make it to Grbit’s final roster. At the training camp he reports to the selector himself, who Sir Safety Conad Perugia leads in the final of the Italian League† Among the volleyball players who begin training under the watchful eye of Serbian assistants, there are as many as three debutants from Olsztyn – except Butryn, they are quarterback Jan Firlej and center Mateusz Poręba

All three deserved the invitation to Spała with good performances in PlusLiga. Indykpol AZS caused huge problems for PGE Skra, he fought for a place in the four until the last action. Later after the golden set he lost the battle for fifth place with Asseco Resovia† The three representatives played an important role in the team.

– There is a need for this after the matches with Skra. We were so close to the top four and are now playing for medals† But this is sport, you have to draw conclusions. We have gained experience both individually and as a team. In the next season most of us will meet in the club and it will be much easier for us to start the next matches with so much experience and lack – the attacker convinces.

For now, Butryn’s focus is on the frame. The first League of Nations tournament, in Ottawa, starts on June 8 for Poland. With Kaczmarek playing the Champions League final just two weeks before, Grbić is likely to take advantage of the other three attackers at the start. It means that The road to Butryn’s rapid debut in the frame is open

– We’ll see how it all goes in training. I am in a good mood and hope to make my debut for the national team in an official match. Since I am at the training camp, I want to be there and play as long as possible – emphasizes the volleyball player.

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