So have their dreams of playoffs escaped?

Like a derby, there has to be a full set of fans. All tickets were sold out well before the match. Perhaps the citizens of Grudziądz are still far from the citizens of Lublin, but views like the one above were impressive.

Despite the star arrangement of guests, the locals were considered light favorites. Admittedly, they’ve had two defeats along the way, but what driving home is is driving home.

The game for ZOOLeszcz GKM-u started brilliantly, as after the first heat, Janusz Ślączek’s players took the lead, which they only gave halfway through the competition.

The great return to Apator’s For Nature Solutions game is mainly due to Patryk Dudek. As a regular participant in the Grand Prix cycle, he went to the best of his ability for the first time this year. When other colleagues reached him with the level, a draw suddenly appeared on the scoreboard from a six-point loss.

Before the decisive decisions were made, the most ardent fans had to add their pennies. The flames from the torches at one point grew bigger than expected, interrupting the meeting for about ten minutes.

After the resumption of competition, both the first and the other team were unable to jump away from the rival, so the nominated runs determined who would take two points from Grudziądz.

The visitors held back more coolly. First, the duo Robert Lambert – Paweł Przedpełski achieved a double victory. Then Patryk Dudek and Jack Holder saved the precious tie in terms of the importance of the game win.

Even the phenomenal Nicki Pedersen didn’t help the hosts. On Sunday evening, the Dane drove as in his best times and wrote seventeen “points” to his name. Summa summarum to no avail.

Immediately after the last run, the Grudziądz citizens hid in the machinery and had a male conversation. After a good start to the season, the team fell into a slump and if it doesn’t pick up the right pace soon, the playoffs they’ve dreamed of could disappear in the blink of an eye.

The victory of May will certainly give the guests extra wind in their sails. After all, the season has only just started and this year no fewer than six teams will be promoted to the final round.

Both teams have now had a break of more than a week from league games caused by Saturday’s Grand Prix at the PGE Narodowy. After resuming the competition in the best competition in the world, ZOOLeszcz GKM goes to Częstochowa and For Nature Solutions Apator goes to the difficult terrain to Leszno.

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