50 million PLN subsidy for the development of allotments for families

The head of MFiPR spoke on Tuesday about the project “Development of green infrastructure by supporting allotments”.

“This is the first program that meets the expectations of the gardeners themselves. After all, it is a program that resulted directly from the fact that the gardeners intervened, that it would be worthwhile to meet the need for expansion of greenery, which is often green. is, to stimulate lungs in cities. in. a meeting place,” Grzegorz Puda said at Tuesday’s press conference, adding that the program helps all those who, by cultivating their green gardens, can also implement urban green policies.

According to the minister, allotments for families will receive PLN 50 million in EU support for the expansion of greenery and environmental measures to reduce noise and air pollution. The money must come from the EU Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2021 programme. He emphasized that the majority of these funds will benefit allotment associations and structures. “This keeps the process running smoothly,” says Puda.

“Residents or landscapers will be able to use these funds mainly to increase greenery. I am talking here about the possibility of some expansion within allotments, for example through green roofs or terraces, as well as, for example, preparing installations to increase water retention, as well as ecological activities with regarding air pollution or the protection of animals “- explained Puda.

The Minister of Funds and Regional Policy has announced that horticulturists can also buy tools for allotments.

“This is an extremely important program for the protection of biodiversity in cities, increasing green areas for the protection of wildlife, for example pollinators. These are activities that will be available to 4 million Poles who now use allotments. 44 thousand hectares green space in cities, which we will protect from concrete in this way. This fits perfectly with other activities that we are undertaking as a department – green urban development to improve the living conditions of Poland in cities “- emphasized Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Adam Guibourgé – Czetwertyński.

The chairman of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Przemysław Ligenza, pointed out that allotments “can counteract rapid urban flooding”.

As emphasized by the Deputy Prime Minister, Agriculture Minister Henryk Kowalczyk, who attended the press conference, the program will enable the improvement of the infrastructure of allotments, water supply and road gardens, as well as the cultivation of food for own needs.

“This small infrastructure will be used for recreation, good and decent rest, as well as food production for their own needs. I trust that it will be an excellent promotion of organic food” – said Kowalczyk. The minister expressed the hope that this model of organic food production will be transferred to farms.

“Card owners can already prepare to submit applications. Recruitment will start soon. The first applications can be submitted in May” – added Kowalczyk.

The Agency for the Modernization and Restructuring of Agriculture will be responsible for accepting applications and the operational side of the program.

“The 50 million zloty left for this is a significant amount when it comes to allotments. We have about 4.5 thousand associations that operate in this formula. A single grant is an amount of 10,000 to 100,000. It is important that 100 % of the eligible costs are covered, which means that no own contribution is required,” said the chairman of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, Halina Szymańska. (PAP)

Author: Aneta Oksiuta, Karolina Mózgowiec, Anna Bytniewska, Anna Wysoczańska

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