Sports talent. Adam Jakubowski wins medals, but stops fencing for work

Only this year Adam Jakubowski with the team of florists became European junior vice champion and took 4th place at the world championships in this age category. Nevertheless, the player of AZS AWFiS Gdańsk plans to give up his passion in the future. – I know I won’t be training fencing all the time. At some point I will have to choose between her and work – says the hero of the Sport Talent series. Earlier we wrote about speedway driver Jakub Kowalski. On May 17, we present Wiktoria Kraczaj, who trains karate.

Sports talent – meet the previous heroes of the series

Adam Jakubowski is 19 years old. He lives in Gdańsk and it is also here in the AZS AWFiS Gdańsk club that he trains fencing under the supervision of a coach Radoslaw Glonek† The Polish representative has achieved many national and international successes, including: the European Junior Championships or the World Cup. Interestingly enough it was not so clear at the start of this road.

– My fencing adventure started at UKS De La Salle Gdańsk Primary School. Initially in the form of “development”, so that we had more time for football. She excited me from the start. The serious fencing came off a bit by accident. I moved to Gdańsk fencing school with my siblings because my mother wanted all the kids in one place. I trained a little more there, and after a month I liked it – our hero remembers.

Silver from Polish florists at the European Junior Championships. Read the report

Success doesn’t come out of nowhere. They include: hard work and dedication. Our hero, who trains three hours a day five days a week, knows it all too well. In addition, there are trips to different types of competitions.

– It is not easy to reconcile everything, but it is possible. Even if you have your high school diploma in the blink of an eye. You just have to be well organized. It’s also good to set goals. This allows you to be good at what is being done and not fall behind in school. There is little free time, so high school friends run away, but something for something – thinks the 19-year-old.

  • 2nd place per team at the European Junior Championships Novi Sad (Serbia) 2022
  • 3rd place in team competition for the European Junior Championships in Porec (Croatia) 2020
  • 4th place per team at the World Junior Championships Dubai (United Arab Emirates) 2022
  • 4th place per team at the Cairo (Egypt) 2021 World Junior Championships
  • 1st place in teams for the Polish Junior Championships Wrocław 2022
  • 2nd place Individual Polish Youth Championships Wrocław 2022
  • 1st place individual XXVI National Youth Olympic Games (Polish Junior Junior Championships) Lublin 2020
  • 1st place in team, XXVI National Youth Olympic Games (Polish Junior Junior Championships) Lublin 2020
  • 2nd place for the team at the 2021 Polish Junior Championships Bydgoszcz
  • 1st place per team at the Junior World Cup Tashkent (Uzbekistan) 2021
  • 2nd place individual at the Junior World Cup Tashkent (Uzbekistan) 2021
  • 1st place individual – Polish Junior Cup Bydgoszcz 2021
  • 2nd place individual – Polish Seniors Cup in Oborniki Śląskie 2021
  • 2nd place individual – Polish Senior Cup Gdansk 2021
  • Number 1 in the ranking of Polish juniors for the 2021/2022 season

So where does this passion come from?

– I like outings the most. It’s a nice opportunity to get to know the world. If the championship lasts a week, then it’s a little time to see something. Because of this I have many memories and beautiful stories. This has the biggest dimension because training for performance in the Polish backyard doesn’t turn me on – says Adam.

Radosław Glonek, a coach from Gdańsk, the coach of the Polish national team of florists

Also keep in mind that fencing is not one of the cheapest sports disciplines. The required equipment includes a mask (PLN 1,000), an outfit (approximately PLN 2,000), foil (PLN 200-600), stock tie (PLN 300), cable (PLN 100), a glove (PLN 150).

– If someone doesn’t get to the national team, it’s definitely more difficult. International travel is a cost of an order several thousand zloty† In addition, equipment that costs depending on the level about two or three thousand zloty† The prizes are not outstanding, because I only received money once. Once I got a backpack, mug or power bank – he explains.

Adam can also count on the support of his parents. On the other hand, he is also mature, so he tries to use his savings wisely.

– Mom and Dad were loading lots of money at the beginning of this path they have always supported and encouraged me. Now it’s easier because I have a driver’s license and I can train myself. The second is that I am a representative of Poland. I get scholarships, I put money aside from diets if they stay. It’s pretty cool for a teenageras long as you live with your parents. I really appreciate it, because there will be vacations soon and my friends will go to work, and I will be able to plan the future with confidence – says Adam.
Where will this lead the 19-year-old?

– I try to keep the winter with both feet on the ground. This is my last year as a junior and it’s easier. This will change a little later. For now I am aiming for a good individual start at the world championships, because as a team we have already won medals. Along the way there is of course the Polish Championship and the World Cup. But when it comes to dreams, I won’t be original and say I want to represent my country in the Olympics. It won’t be that easy, though, because the eliminations aren’t always equal – he explains.

Gdansk foil according to the principle: departure, hotel, bag of medals and return

Therefore, our hero is preparing another plan, which will soon be a way of life.

– I know I won’t be training fencing all the time. It is a very beautiful adventure that happened to me. But at some point I will have to choose between her and my job. In May I will write my high school diploma and then I will go to university. Computer science is the first choice so I will study in the beginning as a developer† It is a profession where you can earn good money in the beginning. And later? We will see. I would like to stay in this field because it turns me on. I like economics and everything related to it, so I’ll probably combine both, he sums up. Sports Talent series

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