Animals from Ukraine – how to help? Fundraising and Adoption Information.

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The barbaric Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, affected all its inhabitants – both humans and their pets. Suffering dogs, cats, but also ferrets, reptiles and amphibians are still being taken from the land of our eastern neighbors and urgently need to be taken care of in Poland, far away from the hustle and bustle of war. Animals from Ukraine need new homes, specialized veterinary care and natural food. See how and how you can help the pets! Read the information below about collections, donations and adoptions.

Which Polish organizations help animals from Ukraine and how?

Numerous organizations from Poland are committed to helping animals from Ukraine. In our country more and more foundations and clinics are joining the relief group every day. Volunteers are active at the border, organizing aid, planning to transport animals from private Ukrainian shelters to Polish shelters and searching for temporary homes.

Below you will find an overview of foundations, associations, temporary homes and organizations that support animals from Ukraine:

  • ALGIZ – a temporary shelter for rodents
  • AMI – Animal Aid Foundation
  • Ada Adoption Center
  • Animal Protection Inspectorate of Lower Silesia
  • Foundation “We Save Pets”
  • Mielec . Animals Foundation
  • Rabbit Asylum Foundation
  • Benek . Foundation
  • Centaurus Foundation
  • Judyta’s Puppy Foundation
  • Hospice for Homeless Cats Foundation
  • JOKOT . Foundation
  • Foundation of the International Movement for Animals VIVA!
  • Unwanted and Forgotten Foundation
  • Pegasus Foundation
  • Foundation SOS for Animals from Chorzów
  • Animal Rights Guard Foundation
  • Finders Foundation
  • Society for the Protection of Animals in Krakow
  • ŁAPA Nysa Custody and Adoption Emergency Service for Animals
  • The window of life for rabbits and rodents
  • Puchaty Patrol – Association for PR and MZ
  • Society for the Protection of Animals “Hope” from Przemyśl
  • Rabbit Aid Association – Uszate Serca Warszawy
  • Association of the Friends of Ferrets
  • Animal Care Society, branch in Bytom
  • rescue councils
  • agań animal lovers

How can you help animals from Ukraine?

Poland has temporarily abolished the requirements related to the transport of pets, therefore pets accompanying their owners can be brought to our country without a full set of veterinary documents, ie a vaccination list and a passport. Unfortunately, due to hostilities, some animals have lost their homes, their owners or got lost. Volunteers and activists find the animals left behind in Ukraine and transport them safely to Poland, where they find shelter in shelters, foundations, clinics or associations.

Animals from Ukraine - how to help?  Fundraising and Adoption Information

There are several ways to help pets affected by hostilities in Ukraine. It is worth remembering to help as much as possible and locally, ie by supporting small shelters or foundations operating close to the place of residence. Below you can read exactly how and how you can help.

Animals from Ukraine – Online Help List is a website aimed at listing various forms of rescue and collection facilities that can provide shelter, specialist support, material assistance and veterinary care to animals from Ukraine.

If you can give these animals medical care, provide them with food, shelter, or selflessly help them in any way. fill in the formwho will add you to the list of doers and helpers.

Material help – collections and links to the drops

All shelters, foundations, associations and other organizations that receive animals from Ukraine organize collections of items that will ensure comfortable, healthy and decent conditions for their pets, as well as money donations, allowing them to care for animals in need of appropriate treatment.

Before donating to fundraising events organized by foundations or hostels, check the latest social media posts of the selected organization, where you will find an up-to-date list of the most needed items. Here are some of the most common items that can be taken to the fundraiser:

  • food for animals (dogs, cats, rodents, ferrets, rabbits),
  • transport carts and cages (for small and large animals),
  • collars, harnesses and leashes,
  • hygienic pads,
  • preparations against fleas and ticks,
  • bowls,
  • bedding,
  • gravel, hay and litter,
  • litter boxes,
  • heaters for transporters.

Financial support, which you can provide to Polish organizations involved in helping animals from Ukraine, is very important as it gives volunteers the money to buy specialized items and medicines, transport animals from Ukraine to Poland and provide veterinary care. grant.

Here is a list of screenshots worth supporting:

Service Help – foundations you can help

If you are a veterinarian, veterinary technician, behavioral therapist, groomer, zoophysiotherapist or foodie specialist, you can request specialist help. Foundations that help animals from Ukraine are looking for cheaper or free services from such specialists. You can offer your help to the owners of the aforementioned shelter, foundation or association.

Adoption and temporary housing

Providing a place for animals from Ukraine in Poland is the most important. Many animals require isolation due to the lack of adequate vaccinations, which must be done completely in isolation from other pets to prevent the spread of rabies. Polish organizations call on Polish animals to adopt or temporarily house Polish animals to give home to Ukrainian animals, providing them with professional help from a veterinarian and, if necessary, a behaviorist.

Animals from Ukraine - how to help?  Fundraising and Adoption Information
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Before accepting a Ukrainian pet, you should remember to provide them with complete comfort, create a calm and safe atmosphere due to the trauma that he has certainly undergone.

On websites and in social media posts of organizations that help and care for animals from Ukraine, next to the photos and characteristics of the animals are links to pre-adoption studies, through which you can apply for the adoption of a pet. People who want to adopt a pet temporarily and can provide them with security, warmth and the best possible conditions can express their willingness to help by filling in the following forms:

Remember to fill in all questionnaires and forms accurately and responsibly!

Pets from Ukraine arriving with their guardians

You can help by providing a place for animals from Ukraine together with their caretakers. Dogs and their owners often wait in line at the border for many days, and when they reach Poland, they have nowhere to go. There are many temporary refugee aid points that keep animals out of the way. For this reason, it is important to provide lodging or accommodation for people who come from Ukraine with pets.

Support organizations that help animals in Ukraine

The animals are still being rescued from Ukraine, but many of them still reside in the hostile-hit areas. Both Polish and Ukrainian organizations are preparing convoys that go deep into Ukraine to find the abandoned animals, which are regularly taken to Poland. Animals rescued by convoys are in a particularly difficult situation, as they are often left without food, water, groomer and veterinary care. They suffer from illness, noise, desire, fear. That is why it is extremely important to also support organizations that help pets in Ukraine and organize transport to a safe place.

Here is a list of shelters, sanctuaries and community organizations with a link to a donation page:

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