Sports is upside down. PiS is appealing

Sports is upside down. PiS is appealing

Photo Tomasz Tokarzewski

Although standing upside down is a form of sports practice, sport in Szczecin is upside down and is not the best solution. Our facilities are being abused and the city is not taking advantage of the opportunity to promote itself through sport in the country and in the world. These are the conclusions of PiS councilors from the regional parliament and the city council of Szczecin.

– The sports and entertainment hall has been in use since 2014. This facility was primarily intended for local sports clubs and residents – Marcin Pawlicki, chairman of the PiS club in the city council, said at the conference for the Netto Arena. – Today only one club uses the hall: the basketball players from King’s, and not to its full size.

The councilors listed the disciplines to which the hall at ul. Szafera is being prepared. In their opinion, many of them have never been to the facility. They also named numerous clubs that initially played their matches in the hall but quickly gave up.

– First for financial reasons. They can’t afford the cost and the city was reluctant to pay extra. Secondly, the sports function has been replaced by the entertainment function – explains Rafał Niburski, councilor of the Sejmik. – The matches had to give way to concerts or cabarets. As they were shifted from the weekend to the usual day of the week, the number of sporting events decreased.

– We appeal to the President of Szczecin and the Marshal of the Voivodeship, who – as we know – can work together – summarized Małgorzata Jacyna-Witt, Councilor of the Sejmik. – Gentlemen, cooperate on this level too! If you don’t play, you don’t win. And sporting events are a good opportunity to promote the city and the region.



Jacyna’s fan

2022-05-08 05:56:09

When Jacyna appeared, it will be a huge brothel


2022-05-07 21:47:46

Jacyna has cycling experience.

hall in Szafera

2022-05-07 20:58:59

wrecked the sidewalk on the winter ice rink like every year, because some basin got a permit to pitch a tent, but after itself it didn’t fix the cracked tiles and paving stones and they destroy it every season – and the city flows on the.

Reader Lukasz

2022-05-07 09:02:02

In addition, our city and counties still associate mass team sports with their despised kibolami-robolami. Oh, “elite”, not even cabert, but farce, in the national tail of high school exams. Or the tuners, because it’s not for nothing that they ask for the kitschy Sedina in return. They will probably both supplant the Marshal’s newest toy – the Shakespeare Theater in Wały.

Teddy Bear helicopter

2022-05-07 08:56:30

this “intervention” concerns 1% of the problems in Szczecin’s sport. There is no hall for amateur sports. Every urban facility has been taken over by a few rushes who make money from it. They ridicule 500+ but like to grab the money. 1 workout for 1 child is about 30-40 PLN. Football academies have 100-150 children. Count it. And all this at urban facilities, where a child cannot come with friends and play for free. It’s a conspiracy to force you to pay

Reader Lukasz

2022-05-07 07:47:51

@Mirka: Who loves this sport and wants to watch it? Somehow, despite slow promotion, Pogoń matches do not attract crowds. Even with the hits it’s under 10,000. And since “the most important of the unimportant things” has such meager results, what about sports like volleyball and others. In addition, there is also a hall on Twardowskiego. We also miss spectacular performances in indoor and stadium disciplines.


2022-05-06 23:16:51

When our authorities build a sports investment, they focus on profit. After all, sports clubs flee from such establishments because renting consumes their entire budget. Soon a water complex will be built. You already hear that this is a way to earn coconuts. And the question is what will happen to the people of Szczecin? The residents will avoid this place. Many will stop when a significant portion of the monthly salary is spent on the enrichment of crooks.


2022-05-06 21:56:41

Once upon a time there was a lot of sport in this hall. But it’s over. Now alderman Kolbowicz dims that several bands are playing in the hall. He doesn’t explain that he’s talking about a side warm-up hall. A big lime! Now the Kick Ball is the most important. A privaciarz facility was built for nearly 400 bubbles so he could crush the money.. And there is no name Szczecin in the stadium.. but there is Pogoń 1948.. Is anyone driving this sports vehicle? And those who are expected to play in this hall, like most clubs in the premier league, have ended their activity. shit!


2022-05-06 19:39:44

Sports professionals. Jacyna from volleyball, an excellent specialist, ask Mr. Kurek.


2022-05-06 17:56:12

My sp neighbor also had a perpetual grudge against his wife and often poured all over her body. He also did not spare his children, he was angry that there was no pork chop for dinner, but some noodles. He was angry that the children had no shoes, that the clothes were not well cared for, that the woman did not take care of the house, etc. And the fact that he gave no money, only all that he earned, he drank with his mates, it was just such a small thing. He died of cirrhosis of the liver, but did not feel guilty about the poverty in the family. Drunks remember him what kind of guest he was.


2022-05-06 17:48:58

Filip is an old political dimmer 😉

It brings shame

2022-05-06 17:01:12,jan-filip-libicki-kontra-jacyna-witt-chodzi-o-cos-wiecej-niz-moj-bol


2022-05-06 16:30:21

It is high time to ban the rental of public halls, sports fields or swimming pools to private companies, because residents cannot use them. THE END OF KOLEADIES


2022-05-06 16:14:42

Non-swimming pools and non-playable sports halls, withered or cut green. What went wrong??

Teddy Bear helicopter

2022-05-06 15:46:20

my favorite subject. For example, try entering the football field at Bandurskiego / Kresowa Street. Officially it is the Mosir field – you have no chance, despite the fact that a certain councilor promoted himself during its construction in Głos Szczeciński and proved that 50,000 local residents will be able to use this facility. Probably the 50,000 inhabitants mentioned in GS had to vote. The use of municipal sports facilities by “privateers” is pathological. PLN 30-40 for one training session


2022-05-06 14:47:01

Unfortunately, this room is not suitable for team games. That’s how you want to have power, and both, namely a sports hall and an auditorium. A new WDS should be created ASAP


2022-05-06 14:05:32

Because the hall is too small for serious volleyball. And other clubs from Szczecin are too weak to attract crowds.

swimming pools

2022-05-06 13:54:02

Yes fact. All municipal pools are “used” by pool managers for private purposes and earn money at residents’ expense


2022-05-06 13:32:43

Well, somehow there isn’t much sport in this gym. Why are Fryderyki more important than residents’ needs?

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