Sparta must be kicked out of the competition! Strong appeal of an activist

Dariusz Ostafiński, Interia: During Friday’s game, you texted me saying that Sparta should be kicked out of the competition.

Łukasz Banaś, councilor and speedway activist from Częstochowa: Because when I hear from the Wroclaw announcer that he hopes Artiom Łaguta will soon return to the competition, I am in favor of such a solution. Another topic is the proposal of Mr. Rusko, the chairman of Sparta, that the losing club should pay the winner the difference and the points. I ask how much Sparta Włókniarz has to pay for a loss at 38:52.

Let’s abandon President Rusko’s idea. On the other hand, I could summarize the Łaguta case with the statement: no wonder, because the club has been behind the Russian from the start.

I don’t understand such an attitude at all. I don’t understand this struggle for Artiom. There are sanctions, Russians are excluded from various disciplines, because our point is that the people in Putin’s country have opened their eyes and understood that this propaganda filtered through the television is not true. In tennis he excludes himself from the Russians and Sparta hopes that Artiom will return soon. If what the announcer said is the position of the club, I have no doubt that such a club should be kicked out of the league. The announcer must be expelled from the competition.

The announcer presents the position of the club. He would not utter such words without permission.

– That’s why I blame the club for using such words. There are already three million Ukrainians in Poland, many of whom are probably in Wrocław. I am in contact with the Ukrainians, because four people live with me who have fled there. I know what’s happening there. I know that children are killed, women are raped. This is the massacre of the Ukrainian people. We are dealing with fascism in a new form and we have to be very sensitive.

Should PGE Ekstraliga do something about it?

– Yes of course. Having taken the decision to exclude the Russians, it should now reprimand and punish such incidents in case of recidivism.

In Wrocław it would be recidivism, because in the first game the whole stadium applauded for Łaguta after the announcer was called.

– Therefore, there must be a very serious warning for Sparta. Especially because it all happens under the umbrella of the club.

However, I read what regular Sparta fans write. In their view, Łaguta is innocent because he does not support this war and he does not shoot Ukrainians.

– His brother Grigory has a slightly different opinion about the actions of the Russians. On the other hand, Artiom is silent, and if so, he also supports Putin. It cannot be that they travel to Poland and earn a lot of money, and that their brothers kill Ukrainians. These sanctions are a symbol and there should be no exceptions.

Many people say we should give the Russians a chance if they renounce their citizenship.

– And they should. Then they could return to our league next year. After such a gesture showing that they do not agree with what Russia is doing, we can open the door for them. But not before. And I’m waiting for such a signal from them because it can’t be that they have opened businesses, acquired citizenship and now want to wash their hands. They did everything they could to get the money out of Poland, but now they won’t do anything to show their natural resistance to the war. Such a reflection for us that we should not divide citizenship so easily, because these Russians do not integrate with us and show no solidarity. We welcome three million Ukrainians, and they stand aside.

Most are quiet.

– They are quiet and that gives room for reflection. I am entitled to think that they think the same as Grigory Laguta, who directly encourages us to watch Russian TV and says that there is more truth there than on the channels offered by the European Union. That’s how they see reality, and we can’t go along with it anymore, because we can see where it leads.

Fortunately, Sparta is the only club that strongly supports the Russian.

– That’s right. Apator is quiet, although it has a problem with it. And already such a Motor has shown that it is possible to cope with the new situation. The club from Lublin came out with a face. They have shown that they understand how serious the situation is. However, for some, money and medals are more important than the lives of thousands of people, and that scares me.

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