Poles took the floor over the Russians in tennis tournaments. The result is unequivocal

Below the text we have placed a poll about the representatives of Russia and Belarus at international tennis tournaments. The result leaves no doubt. The fans clearly expressed their opinion.

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Over 11 thousand. to vote. The question was formulated as follows: “Should the representatives of Russia and Belarus participate in international tennis tournaments?”.

The answer “yes” was only 11 percent. response. “No” a whopping 89. This means that the ratio of votes was 1235 (yes) to 9995 (no).

Let us remind you that there is a storm in the tennis community regarding the starts of players representing the aggressor countries. Russia has launched a barbaric invasion of Ukraine and Belarus is actively supporting its ally.

Survey results under the text of May 6
The result of the poll under the text of May 6 “Absurd words about Russians. Kwasniewski responds”

Wimbledon organizers decided to exclude tennis players from these countries. Outrage was expressed by Novak Djoković, Rafael Nadal and Martina Navratilova, among others. And above all, statements were also made about Wimbledon by WTA and ATP.

“Our discipline is based on the fundamental principles of sporting merit and fairness, according to which players individually compete to win a place in tournaments based on ATP rankings. We are convinced that the current Wimbledon and LTA decision to Banning tennis players from Russia and Belarus from this year’s podium on British grass pitches is unfair and could set a damaging precedent Discrimination on the basis of nationality is a violation of our agreement with Wimbledon, which states that the admission of players to the event depends solely on the ATP rankings,” ATP commented in an official statement.

In a similar, or even more expressive tone, the WTA said: “We are very disappointed with today’s decision by AELTC and LTA to exclude athletes from Russia and Belarus from participating in the upcoming UK grass court tournaments. professional tennis events, it is performance oriented and should not be subject to any form of discrimination…) is not fair or justifiable.”

However, there are also voices saying that the sanctions imposed on Russia in the form of excluding its representatives from international tournaments are a necessity. This is what the world federations governing many popular sports disciplines did. Meanwhile, tennis is still a big problem.

Voices calling for the exclusion of Russians and Belarusians include the former sports minister, president of the Polish Olympic Committee and, for the past 10 years, also the president of Poland.

– There is a war that is a war of aggressors against innocent victims. Russia is the aggressor and the Ukrainians are the victims. Athletes, even though they are not involved in politics, must take a stand. If they had clearly condemned the war, I would have believed they would be allowed to enter the contest. After all, they didn’t start the war. However, if they do not follow their opinion or even support Putin, the road must be closed to them. I say this with pain because sport should be free of politics. But here’s another important issue – war is not politics, like it or not – noted Aleksander Kwaśniewski in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

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