Ferrari knocked out Red Bull! Charles Leclerc back from pole position

Charles Leclerc took pole position at the Miami GP. Ferrari won the front row, killing Red Bull’s nose. Max Verstappen has to settle for only third place.

Lukasz Kuczera

Charles Leclerc

Press material / Ferrari / Picture: Charles Leclerc

Formula 1’s chaotic training ahead of the Miami GP made it difficult to identify the qualifying favorite on the circuit around Hard Rock Stadium. Especially since the drivers are constantly learning the racing thread of the newly built facility. Meanwhile, fans may have wondered if Red Bull Racing would beat Ferrari and Mercedes try to keep up with the two fastest teams in F1.

The Q1 course already showed that the Brackley team had not undergone a metamorphosis, despite George Russell’s best time in one of Friday’s F1 practice sessions. Suffice it to say that Lewis Hamilton was only 18 years old at one point in the first part of the time trial. It was only on the occasion of his final run that Hamilton was given the time that earned him promotion to Q2.

Minutes later, Russell had cause for complaint. The 24-year-old was unable to make it to Q3 and expressed frustration towards the end of his run. The other Mercedes driver did not bite his tongue and immediately said what he thought of the constantly bouncing W13 model.

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After Q1 and Q2, you might get the impression that Charles Leclerc is closer to pole position as it was the Ferrari driver who was the best in both segments of the time trial, leaving Max Verstappen in the beaten field. However, the current F1 world champion would not give up easily.

It was Verstappen who set the time of 1:28.991 at the start of Q3, which was beyond the reach of his rivals. Leclerc was 0.064 seconds behind the Netherlands after the first stint.

When the final run took place, the current F1 standings leader set a record time – 1:28.796. For example, the Ferrari leader took the first pole in the history of the Miami GP. Carlos Sainz also did well, 0.190 seconds behind the teammate, but it was enough for a second result. In this way, the Spaniard will be an obstacle for Max Verstappen at the start of Sunday’s F1 race.

F1 – Miami GP – Qualification – Results:

Item Driver Team Q3 Q2 Q1
1. Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:28.796 1: 29.130 1:29.474
2. Carlos Sainz Ferrari +0.190 1: 29.729 1: 30.079
3. Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing +0.195 1: 29.202 1:29.836
4. Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing +0.240 1:29.673 1: 30.055
5. Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo +0.679 1: 29.751 1: 30.845
6. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +0.829 1:29.797 1: 30.388
7. Pierre Gasly Alpha Tauri +0.894 1: 30.128 1: 30.779
8. Lando Norris McLaren +0.954 1: 29.634 1: 30.761
9. Yuki Tsunoda Alpha Tauri +1.136 1: 30.031 1: 30.485
10. Lance Walk Aston Martin +1,880 1: 29,996 1: 30.441
11. Fernando Alonso alpine 1: 30.160 1: 30.407
12. George Russell Mercedes 1: 30.173 1: 30,490
13. Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin 1: 30.214 1: 30.677
14. Daniel Ricciardo McLaren 1: 30.310 1: 30.583
15. Mick Schumacher Hare 1: 30.423 1: 30.645
16. Kevin Magnussen Hare 1: 30.975
17. Guanyu Zhou Alfa Romeo 1: 31.020
18. Alexander Albon Williams 1: 31.266
19. Nicholas Latific Williams 1: 31.325
20. Esteban Ocon alpine no time

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