Beautiful pictures to say goodbye. Anwil’s coach spoke to the fans

Włocławek lives with basketball. Everyone knows when and where Anwil plays. The fans said goodbye to their favorites before leaving for Warsaw. “We’ll play to the end,” they chanted. For now, Legia leads 2-0 in the semi-finals.

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fans of Anwil Włocławek

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The fans of Anwil Włocławek once again stood for the occasion and proved that the players can count on them in very difficult moments. Now is the time.

The players of Przemysław Frasunkiewicz – after two matches in the Champions’ Hall – are against the wall in the semi-final series with Legia Warszawa and lose 0: 2. If they dream of playing in the grand final, they must have three win games in a row.

Włocławek fans said goodbye to their favorites before leaving for Warsaw. Many people gathered in front of the Champions’ Hall. There were cheers, torches and a “we believe to the end” banner.

Even the players themselves were shocked that so many fans came to support them at a difficult time. Some basketball players (in front of the bus) sang, others jumped to the beat. Everyone thanked for the cheers and the coach, Przemysław Frasunkiewicz, took the megaphone and spoke to the assembled fans.

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“Unfortunately we are dealing with injuries, but we did our best in the first two games.” It will now be similar. We play 100 percent. We’re going to Warsaw to win two matches to return to Włocławek for match number five. We believe it! Thank you for your support, you are amazing – said Frasunkiewicz.

“Anwil Włocławek” – fans reacted loudly, which, it is worth emphasizing, can not go to Warsaw in an organized group. Such agreements – between clubs – were made before the start of this series. Legia informed: “In connection with the recommendations of the security services of the match in Warsaw, we would like to inform you that both clubs have decided that they will not recommend each other fan groups”.

Knowing that you have the support of the fans – no matter the situation – is always encouraging. We were amazed how many people came to support us with a nice word and wish us good luck. Anwil fans are known for being the best in the entire league. This includes for such people you want to leave your health on the dance floor and fight until the last whistle – tells us Kamil Łączyński, who is struggling with a shoulder injury. He is due to appear in Monday’s meeting.

It’s no secret that Włocławek basketball is alive. Everyone knows when and where Anwil plays. The match is a real celebration, a celebration for which the fans carefully prepare. They make frames and decorate the hall with flags. Every detail is important, so everything should be buttoned down to the last button. The same was true for saying goodbye before leaving for Warsaw.

– Anwil is known for having great fans, we feel their support throughout the season. They are with us for better and worse. I’m not surprised they did something like that before going to Warsaw. They love this band, it’s great that we can play for people like that, says American Jonah Mathews.

Fans still believe the series can be reversed. The players do not hide their anger in casual conversations, they say that if the effectiveness returns, there is a chance of further encounters in this competition. Will this happen? The third game is scheduled for Monday 9 May (5:30 PM). Broadcast in Polsat Sport.

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Does the Legia Warszawa – Anwil Włocławek 3:0 series end?

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