The Dutchman leads to victory. Draw in the battle for the Champions League

It was the fourth game of both teams this season. All volleyball players played five sets. This time, the residents of Bełchatów turned out to be doing better. While they again lost the advantage that had given them the win before, they proved better in the tiebreak. The competition for the PlusLiga bronze medal and the start in the Champions League remains open.

On Saturday, the coaches of both teams refreshed the sixes slightly after the first game. This marked the return to the squad of two experienced volleyball players – Facundo Contea in Aluron i Milada Ebadipoura at PGE Skra. The guests came out better because of these changes in the first set. It was the Iranian who blocked the attack Dawid KonarskizAfter which the inhabitants of Bełchatów were in charge at 2:10 PM.

They managed to keep this advantage in the second part of the set. Grzegorz Somacz He sent the balls to the middle a few times, but the wingers were also effective. The Skra 25:22 match won by PGE ended with a smart knockout Mateusz Bieńek

The first game for the bronze medal was full of emotions† The inhabitants of Bełchatów, who had to do without a fired coach Slobodan Kovaczthey were close to victory, but rivals powered by Konarski almost grabbed them out of their hands with a tie-break win.

There was no draw in the second set of Saturday’s game. True, it started with leading the inhabitants of Bełchatów, but their game quickly collapsed. They found themselves in crisis after a controversial situation on the net, which the judges interpreted against them. After the guests’ discussions with the arbitrators, the conclusion took the initiative. There is a lot of merit in this Uros Kovacevicthe block in the attack also helped Karol Kłos

Aluron jumped six points. Temporary coach of PGE Skra Radoslaw Kolanek introduced to the dance floor Robert Tahtbut the team’s game did not improve. He had huge problems with the attack Aleksandar Atanasijevic, there were also problems with admission. The hosts won 25:16.

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The good disposition of the concession lasted until the beginning of the third party. Konarski did an excellent job, after his service trump Aluron quickly jumped to three points. But the next few minutes brought an improvement in the game of the rivals. He came on the right side in attack and service Dick Kooy – with his service, the guests took the lead 12:11.

In the next few minutes, the fight was even, but the guests before the end had a three-point lead. Kłos’ tight block and problems with Conte’s effectiveness helped with that. The inhabitants of Bełchatów recovered from the crisis, Ebadipour contributed to the attack. PGE Skra won with 25:23.

She also brilliantly opened the fourth game. The team from Bełchatów led 5:1, helped by Atanasijević’s successful matches. However, as in the previous games, the opponent quickly made up for his losses. The party was evenly matched. On the hosts, Kovacevic’s effectiveness could be impressive, Bieniek and Kooy were brilliant on the other side.

It was the two great licks from the Dutchman that gave the guests a 22:20 lead. But Bełchatów’s team lost the advance again and the set was decided with advantage in the match. At the crucial moment, Kooy made a mistake in the attack and they were the last players to win the game.

The fourth tiebreak in both teams’ games this season started with an exchange of blows. Stronger players took the lead – after Kovacevic’s attack they were 6:4 ahead. Only that the hosts lost four more plays and made mistakes again and again in the attack. Conte in particular had problems.

What did PGE Skra react to? Faults with the net of Ebadipour and Atanasijevic. After a while, the Serb broke free on the right flank and the guests had a minimal advantage. It was they who deserved the match ball, which was used by Ebadipour. Bełchatów won 15:13 and Kooy was named MVP of the game.

After two games, the battle for the bronze medal is 1:1. The third game in the series to three wins will be played in Bełchatów on Tuesday.

aluminum: Konarski, Niemiec, Kovacević, Cavanna, Zniszczoł, Conte – Żurek (libero) and Malinowski, Szalacha, Orczyk

PGE Skra: Atanasijević, Bieniek, Ebadipour, Łomacz, Kłos, Kooy – Piechocki (libero) and Schulz, Sawicki, Taht

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