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Does the home allergy test replace the laboratory test?

One of the consequences of the development of civilization is that man turns away from nature.
Does the home allergy test replace the laboratory test?

Does the home allergy test replace the laboratory test? (photo:

Even a hundred years ago, the vast majority of the population lived in rural areas, and therefore had constant contact with nature, and the natural cycle regulated its life. People were used to daily contact with products of natural origin and with different types of microorganisms. Progressive industrialization and urbanization contributed to the improvement of the comfort of our daily lives, but they separated us from nature to a great extent, which in turn contributed to the spread of susceptibility to different types of allergies in societies.

Allergies – general characteristics

Allergies are generally a syndrome of excessive sensitivity of the body to various types of substances and chemical compounds contained in them, ie the so-called allergens. Allergens are all around us: in food, in plastic, in pollen from flowers and plants. In particular, allergies to various ingredients in food are becoming more common – proteins found in milk, eggs, meat, nuts, almonds, citrus and chocolate. Animal hair, wool, dust and mold can also cause allergic reactions. The allergies to the poisons contained in insect venom are particularly dangerous, because when bitten they lead to anaphylactic shock, which in turn can even lead to the death of the bitten person.

That’s why we are all exposed to allergies. It should be remembered that sensitization often does not occur as a result of the first contact with a particular allergen and that the risk may increase with each subsequent contact.

Allergies are often unpleasant and are unfortunately associated with many diseases. The most common symptoms are: cough, runny nose, swelling, swelling, rash, and itchy skin. Tears and red eyes are also common symptoms of allergies. If we observe the above reactions to a specific allergy-causing factor, we must go to a specialized doctor to make an appropriate diagnosis and apply appropriate methods of treatment. In addition, in order to be able to manage your health in terms of allergies, we can use individual uses allergy testing† Their wide range is available on our website

Can a home allergy test replace a lab test?

There are numerous tests available on the market for common allergens (found in egg white, milk protein, or animal hair, for example). If followed correctly, they can give a result with an indicator of up to 95% percent confidence. A huge advantage domestic allergy testing is their low invasiveness. While the test under laboratory conditions requires a blood sample from a vein in the arm, the home test requires a small amount of blood from the fingertip, and for young children – from the heel. A sterile lancet is always supplied with the test kit, so that it can penetrate the skin painlessly and the necessary blood sample for the test can be collected. However, it should be remembered that a reliable test result performed at home depends on the correctness of its performance, and the test itself should be treated primarily as an auxiliary factor in the diagnosis of allergies.

On our website you will find a wide choice diagnostic tests that allows you to effectively manage the health of you and your loved ones.

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