Wash upholstery. The best home remedies worth knowing

The ability to wash upholstery is one worth having, after all, we won’t be calling a dedicated team for every stain or dirt. The best way to remove stains from a sofa or armchair is to wipe them with a suitable detergent (depending on the fabric).

Check the labels

Before cleaning the sofa more deeply after removing the external dirt, check the label on how to wash upholstered furniture.

Common symbols used on labels by upholstered furniture manufacturers include:

  • W – this means you can use water to clean the furniture.
  • WS – Means dry cleaning detergent or mild detergent and steam cleaner can be used.
  • X – the furniture must be cleaned without water.
  • S – a chemical cleaning agent can be used to clean the furniture.

Use steam

For washing upholstered furniture, you can use steam, for example from an iron. Before you wash the upholstery thoroughly, steam the sandwich first. At a short distance from the sofa – without touching it, of course, let the iron rotate so that the steam penetrates into the fabric. If you don’t have a steam iron or steamer, go straight to the next step.

Vacuum the furniture

Before you start washing the upholstery, start by removing the bedspreads and cushions and check the sides and back of the sofa or armchair for hiding or losing small coins, candy wrappers, keys, clips and other things by the members of the household. Use special vacuum cleaner tips for cleaning, remember to use a brush head on the leather sofa to avoid scratching the material.

Slowly vacuum up any crumbs and dirt that may have accumulated on the surface. Switch to the crevice tool to remove some of the edges and clean the seams.

Removal of fresh contamination

If the stains are wet and fresh, remove as much moisture as possible with paper towels. For stains, such as mayonnaise, ketchup, melted cheese, use a blunt tool to remove as much substance from the surface as possible. For example, you can use a credit card. Never rub the stain into the fabric, as this will only dirty the deeper fibers.

Cleaning product

If the upholstery can be cleaned with a water-based cleaner, mix a quarter cup of dish soap and a cup of warm water in a small bowl. Use a whisk to create some lather and apply it to the stain with a sponge, rubbing lightly over the stain. Then rinse the sponge or microfiber cloth with clean water to remove any cleaning agents. This “rinse” is very important because any detergent left in the fibers can attract more dirt.

Washing upholstery with home methods is not difficult – Ljupco Smokovski / Shutterstock

Is it possible to wash fabric upholstery with vinegar? The answer is yes. Spirit vinegar is an excellent natural stain remover for most types of upholstery. For this purpose, you can prepare a special homemade cleaning agent containing vinegar. Simply mix a teaspoon of dish soap with a tablespoon of white vinegar and a glass of warm water in a spray bottle.

Then the solution should be sprayed on the sofa and wiped with a cloth and rubbed into the stain. Clean with a soft sponge or cloth rinsed in clean water.

Baking soda isn’t just used for baking, it’s also an effective cleaning agent worth using for washing upholstery. Sprinkling baking soda over the sofa will remove odors and make it easier to remove stains. Sprinkle the entire couch with baking soda and let it sit for 20 minutes to an hour, then vacuum the couch, which will “loosen up” deep stains that are easier to remove with other preparations, soda paste, or vinegar solution.

A soda slurry is made by mixing equal parts baking soda and water. And such a paste should be applied to the stain and wait for 15 to 20 minutes for it to dry. Once the baking soda has completely absorbed the stain, it should be vacuumed up.

Few people know that baby wipes are surprisingly effective for cleaning and washing upholstery quickly. They are perfect for leather, cotton or polyester upholstery as they contain a delicate mixture of water and soap, but little moisture. It is worth keeping a pack of moisturizing wipes that are only intended for cleaning upholstery next to the sofa, armchair or, for example, in a car where children often drive.

It is already known that the faster we react to a stain on furniture upholstery, be it on a sofa or an armchair, the more easily it will be removed. Every housewife is aware that it is worth using baking soda in an emergency, but soda or vinegar will not work for every stain as effectively as other household methods that have been known for years. It is worth writing them down and remembering them.

What is the best way to remove grease or oil stains? Such a stain should be sprinkled with salt, left for several minutes, and then washed with soap and water. Alternatively, rubbing alcohol on the stain instead of salt.

What if coffee is spilled on the couch? Dry the area and then clean it with a mixture of vinegar and water in equal parts and a little dish soap. It should work.

It also happens that the furniture cover is decorated with children’s doodles. How to remove chalk stains? One of the most effective ways is to use a little bit of toothpaste and then rinse it off with clean water.

Hydrogen peroxide works effectively on blood stains, which should be poured over the stain, allowed to dry and then rinsed with clean water. On the other hand, red wine stains should be sprinkled with salt, sprinkled with hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice, and after drying, wipe with clean water.

We already know how to clean a fabric sofa or armchair, and what about leather furniture? Here is a whole list of possibilities, depending on the type of leather the sofa is made of. Before washing this type of upholstery, you should of course check the manufacturer’s label on how to clean it.

  • Start by vacuuming the couch, including all the nooks and crannies.
  • Wipe the entire couch with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
  • Make a cleaning solution by combining equal parts water and white vinegar in a small bucket. Dip a microfiber cloth in the solution to keep it damp, but not wet, then wipe the sofa by rinsing the cloth regularly.
  • Dry the sofa with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
  • Be sure to use a leather conditioner on your couch every six to 12 months to keep your skin soft.

It happens that a sofa or armchair simply has a bad smell, which often comes from pets that like to lie on this furniture. Unfortunately, the fibers of sofas and armchairs naturally tend to trap pet odors, which cannot be remedied with an upholstery deodorant as it has a very short-lasting effect. So instead of using deodorant, try using a home remedy to remove unpleasant odors from the sofa. You will need baking soda and an optional dry carpet cleaner. And just like washing upholstery, first remove the crumbs from the surface of the furniture, then sprinkle the entire sofa with baking soda, wait 20 minutes and then vacuum with a brush head.

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