Małysz: There was no time for an integration party

Michał Białoński, Interia: What are your impressions after the training camp of PZN coaches, organized in Vienna by Thomas Thurnbichler and his assistants?

Adam Malysz, ski jumping coordinator and nordic combined director PZN: We came for lunch on Monday. Then we had lessons until the evening. Thurnbichler and Marc Noelke showed different solutions, presented a collaboration model. On Tuesday, at seven in the morning, we woke up, had breakfast and went on foot to the nearby golf course. We tried this game for an hour to show that a trainer can exercise too (laughs). A sport of a different kind, of course.

What happened next?

– Bee. On the 9th lectures, lectures and presentations started. With a lunch break they lasted until 6 pm. After that we had dinner, and on Wednesday morning there was time for casual conversations and discussions. Questions were answered by trainers and physiotherapists. Physiotherapists also had a presentation that they prepared together with Thomas and Mark Noelke.

Servismeni also had a meeting with their Austrian collaborator who lives in Krakow (Mathias Hafele – editor’s note). They discussed hardware issues and the need to modify them. There was also a recap of the previous season. Everyone could say what they think of him, about the mistakes that were made, where the crisis came from. Everyone was very happy with this meeting. It is continued, probably in a different form, for example during joint training sessions. What happened during the training sessions and a plan for the future is discussed.

But Thurnbichler and his people “sold” something of a practicality that our coaches didn’t know?

– Absolute. Their statement and the pressure from the union were such that the Thurnbichler team would provide not only the show jumping squad, but also the development of sports championship club and school coaches. There is still a lot of room for improvement in the field of SMS.

Thurnbichler chose Krzysztof Miętus as the Polish assistant. Why him exactly?

– The Austrians wanted one person in Zakopane and the other in the Beskids so that he would have someone to look after the show jumpers who would not go to the training camp or the competition. The reason for Krzysiek was that there are very few coaches in the Beskids. He already knows how it works because he was on the junior team.

Has there been integration between the coaches so that there is no division: Austrians versus Poles?

– It was weird at first. The coaches had to get to know each other. In the end there was no such division. However, there was no chance of an integration event. The schedule was so tight it’s a shame to talk.

The division into A and B staff took place. Who, aside from the four Olympians, came in first?

– There’s also Kuba Wolny in it. I’m going to a training camp in Krakow. I’ll see how it works.

So five, not six players in the A-team?

– There were going to be six, but the coaches decided that sixth place would come loose, so the prospect of promotion to the A team was a motivation for the B and junior team players.

Kamil Stoch started training with Thomas Thurnbichler at the training camp in Krakow?

– That’s how it should have been. The jumpers work on general development, acrobatics.

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You and your wife had a picnic in Italy, incl. in Venice. Isn’t Mrs. Izabela tempted to move to Italy for the period of her later childhood?

– Probably not. Frankly, I don’t like Italians.

Are they too hot?

– That’s not the point.

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Is the sea still too cold to soak in it?

– We didn’t check. We were only in Venice for one day. Then we drove south to Tuscany. We visited there. And as usual a few kilometers. Over three thousand miles.

What kind of a former racer is this.

– Especially that it was very beautiful and the weather was good.

Interviewer: Michał Białoński, Interia

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