Lorek z Eleven invites: Motor can even go to final

Friday’s race in PGE Ekstraliga kicks off Arged Malesa Ostrów’s away game in Wrocław. – I really appreciate Ostrów Wielkopolski, this city. Their love of speedway has always been a little ungrateful. Jacek Brucheiser and Franciszek Jaziewicz were great guys, who might have ridden for plums, but they played so effectively it was hard not to applaud them. I saw them as a small child when they came to Wrocław. Nice history, romantic speedway. I think the worship of those years is still alive in Ostrów – Tomasz Lorek, an Eleven Sports reporter, remembers the former Wrocław-Ostrów duels.

Fans are treating the first game of the day with a lot of reserve, a little negligently. It is not surprising, since the weakest team of PGE Ekstraliga comes to the territory of the country’s team champions. – I know they would like to step out of the role of Cinderella. The reality is that it will be extremely difficult for them, but taking into account their steadfastness, where “Gapa” with “Walas” and the reborn Chris Holder go, or whether Olivier Berntzon can still be reborn and prove to himself that he to participate in the Grand Prix series, I think we will see cool races in their performance, says our expert.

Wroclaw fans may have serious problems combing their hair in front of the stadium entrance today. They plucked a lot of hair from their heads last weekend, when Tai Woffinden struggled with huge problems during the Grand Prix tournament in Croatian Gorican and the away game in Częstochowa. – I like Taia because of the distance from life. We Slavs like to take all things very seriously. It scares me, even though I know a fan is concerned about the outcome behind it. I’m not exactly sure what the Woffinden’s bike-related issues are, but I’m sure this guy still wants to do great things with speedway. On the other hand, fatherhood, family warmth and the fact that he decorates the Colosseum with children with Lego bricks make him so much more that he will soon prove what caliber he is. Wrocław will cheer him on more than once. He just has it in his genes. He always wants to reach the heights. He will never be satisfied with minimalism. The three title championships best testify to this – explains Lorek. And the dimple of the shape? It happens to even the greatest masters, it is completely human. It would be unnatural for one person to always win everything. Even Novak Djokovic sometimes leaves the court defeated and it doesn’t change the fact that he is legendary and outstanding – he adds.

– I know, of course, that Tai loves family warmth and already has a plan in mind for what to do after his career. Yet he is not lazy, because he always wants to win. If he is told to run for two hours in training, he will run for three hours. He gets the most out of everything. Fortunately, we are all humans, not robots, and each of us makes mistakes, so I think his level of ambition is still more than enough, the famous journalist swears. – Once in Andorra, I asked Woffinden about the maxim of Barry Sheen, an absolute MotoGP legend, who was successful despite his rock and roll lifestyle and friendship with, for example, George Harrison of The Beatles. On the wall of the museum in the principality’s capital are his words: “Don’t wait for the ship to reach the shore, just jump in the water and take your chance.” Woffy is the perfect example of this mentality. When it comes time to hunt, the victim can never rest. As soon as there is a chance to reach the peaks, he will climb them. My point is that the level of satisfaction with his personal life certainly did not kill his ambition and will soon return to the form with which we associate him – he says.

Most speedway spritz fans are grinding their teeth for the second of Friday’s skirmishes, in which Motor Lublin, weakened by the absence of Dominik Kubera, will take on Fogo Unia Leszno. It is a meeting of the two strongest teams in the league at the moment. – Motor Lublin is still very strong, even now, although the lack of Dominik is known to be clearly a weakening. I wonder if the law of series will be enforced. So far, Leszno has won all away games with 46:44. The question is whether it is art up to three times, because that would be an achievement. No team in Ekstraliga is as determined as Fogo Unia, says Lorek.

– I am very sorry that people often want to ridicule this “small town”. Absolute rubbish! When one reaches the top, all he has to do is cheer him on. The first game in Częstochowa has already proved what kind of guys they are. In Wrocław they also made a surprise because in my opinion it will not be so easy for other teams in the Olympics. The coolest thing about them, though, is that they don’t have to do anything. I don’t know if it’s because of Piotr Baron, Roman Jankowski or Piotr “Polcopper” Rusiecki, but there’s a lot of slack. This is due to the correct paternity level. If necessary, sometimes someone will tap someone on the back of the body, but they will do it so nicely that it will be nice, not aggressive. Bellego, Doyle and Lidsey fit perfectly into such realities, the journalist emphasizes.

Will Bulls from Leszno be able to bite Lublin’s forces? – After Włókniarz’s last game, it seemed to me that no one in Lublin would score 43 points. I believe the achievements that Freddie and the company have accumulated there is a really high result. Motor Lublin is without a doubt a candidate for the gold medal, especially since Jarek Hampel has already been in the last race in Toruń. Let’s pay attention to Michelsen, because in my opinion he is a player who matures, can program himself for success and does nothing on a leg-tip. I see in him a competitor capable of threatening Bartosz Zmarzlik even in the battle for Grand Prix gold. To sum it up, in Lublin I see a small favorite of this match, although I do not rule out the possibility that the Union will try a draw or a delicate win there – predicts Lorek.

– When I attended the Golden Helmet in Lublin in 2015, typewriters were still used there. I have nothing for these devices because the times they were written on them were really beautiful, you could feel the charm of the writing, but let’s see how much progress has been made. From typewriters to the modern PGE Ekstraliga club. Mikkel Michelsen claims that there are no better fans anywhere than in Lublin in terms of dedication, fascination and so on, so this squad would certainly not shock anyone with a promotion to the final, although a lot can still happen until September – praises the reporter. †

Characteristically, Leszno is the strongest in the competition. They will be the fastest to get out of the hole even if they have random situations. Let’s take a look at Jan Kołodziej, who makes almost a complete set in Wrocław, and then wonder why one of the bows wasn’t played differently. It’s nice that he’s the captain and not Piotrek Pawlicki, because this eased Piter’s burden, which hurt him. However, taking into account the full potential of the team, especially the youth team, Motor will be the favorite of the competition as long as there are no health issues. Besides that I wouldn’t delete Włókniarz Częstochowa, because it is a band that is slowly waking up from its hibernation. and he could be the third player to mess around at the top, says reporter Eleven.

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