Will Leon win with pain? Grbić has more problems!

Wilfredo Leon is not as effective as his knee is most likely injured. It is not known how serious the problem is, the club obviously does not disclose such details at all. Sebastian Świderski, the president of PZPS, has revealed the secret, in an interview given by Polsatsport.pl.

– I know he has a sore knee. We will probably only find out how serious this condition is after the end of the competition in the competition. At this stage, when the scudetto is in combat, no one will officially say that the protagonist is in trouble. Unless, like Juantorena, she can no longer play and there is nothing to hide. Sure, Wilfredo had a slightly easier situation over the years when he wasn’t playing for the national team. He had time to recover after the competitive season. Now, like all team members, he plays almost non-stop – said Świderski, which may explain the weaker attitude of the Polish representative not only in the first final match, but in general recently.

Leon got the fans used to the fact that he rarely scores less than 20 points, and his effectiveness almost always hovers around 50%, often over 60%. Of course he doesn’t always have five or seven aces in service, but he hasn’t made eight mistakes this season and that happened to him against Lube. In the fierce semifinal with Modena, he had 20 points in his account only once – in the match number four, when he scored five aces and attacked with an efficiency of 45%. In the fifth game, which marked his promotion to the final, he added six aces, but his success was only 37%.

In a word – you can tell the Polish representative isn’t in his best shape (or rather his injury doesn’t allow him anymore), but he can still give the team a lot – especially in terms of service. Also keep in mind that on the field it absorbs the opponent’s block. Is the injury he is struggling with serious? We will probably know after the end of the club season, before the national team goes into battle. Nikola Grbić has just announced his selection for the League of Nations. Leon is in it, which gives hope that it is not too bad.

After the first final game, the Perugia coach definitely has more problems than just Leon’s weaker attitude.

“We missed everything,” said the Serbian coach last Sunday after a 2:3 defeat to Lube.

The biggest problem is the Argentinian Sebastian Sole, who has just announced that he will stop with the national team. In the match number one of eleven bouts, he only finished three, giving him a 27% success rate. It’s a disaster for the middleman. The third set and three blocks save him a bit, but if Perugia wants to take the scudetto, he needs a much more effective Sole. Especially that on the other side of the net is Robertlandy Simon crazy, who was MVP of the opening game of the final. The Cuban scored 20 points, finished 14 of 17 attacks (82%), added three aces and three blocks.

– It is said that the middle of the matches does not win, but as you can see from this rivalry, it can be different – comments Świderski.

Matthew Anderson also had big problems in Sunday’s game. The American finished Sunday’s encounter with 13 points and a 40% pass rate. He broke six out of ten plays, which hasn’t happened to him at least once throughout the season. His average is 2.3 errors per meeting.

The third of the wingers – Kamil Rychlicki also certainly has no reason to be satisfied. 23 attacks, only nine completed and 39% effective. This is not expected from an attacking team that wants to win the Italian championship.

Of course, not everything works as it should in Lube either. Ivan Zaitsev is still not in top form (11 points, 33% efficiency). The team committed 39 errors in the first game (Perugia 32). He still can’t play Juantoren (he was only on the field for a while). Luckily for coach Blengini, his substitute – 21-year-old Cuban Yant plays great, especially on offense (he has trouble receiving the match). 17 successful attacks (59%) and two aces gave him the second point in the team after Simon.

On Wednesday evening, if Perugia wants to equalize the competition, they must play as they played in the regular season, when they defeated Lube twice. The team from Civitanova must stay together to lead 2-0. The Italian final is played to three wins.

– This year’s play-offs in Italy show that having your own arena is no longer an asset. So in game two, anything can turn around. One player’s attitude can make all the difference. Let one of Perugia’s leaders – Wilfredo Leon or Matthew Anderson return to normal and the competition will be completely different – believes Świderski, who played for both Perugia and Lube during his Italian volleyball adventure.

How will it be – we will know on Wednesday from 20.30. The Eurosuole Forum room in Civitanova Marche, with 4,000 seats, will be sold for the last time this season for the first time. Broadcast of the match on Polsat Sport News.

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