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– Saturday’s victory by Bartek Zmarzlik, aka the Croatian Grand Prix, was the thirteenth consecutive victory in the Grand Prix series, which went to Ryszard Kowalski’s account, Wojciech Koerber writes in his column.

Wojciech Koerber

Hubert Jabłoński (in a white helmet)

WP SportoweFakty / Patryk Kowalski / In the photo: Hubert Jabłoński (with a white helmet)

“Po bandzie” is a series of columns by Wojciech Koerber, co-author of the book “Half a century on black”, winner of the Golden Pen, awarded the bronze medal of the Polish Olympic Committee for his services to the Polish Olympic Movement .

Oskar Bober, the fastest player in Saturday’s 2nd Speedway League match between Unia Tarnów and Budmax-Stal Polonia Piła, rode a bike prepared by Lublin tuner Michał Marmuszewski.

On the other hand, Jacek Rempała is gaining more and more ground in PGE Ekstraliga. Drive units with the initials JR add speed, among others Chris Holder, Jason Doyle and Jaimon Lidsey. Well, don’t let every success be born in Cierpice near Toruń. Although there is still a long way to go before the peloton goes on the hunt for the RK Racing logo. Well, Saturday’s win by Bartek Zmarzlik, the Croatian Grand Prix, was the thirteenth straight win in the Grand Prix series, credited to Ryszard Kowalski’s account. This series has been going on since the fall of 2020.

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Another thing is that not all that glitters is gold in the slag. And not everything that glitters with new. If we had to call the most unexpected and the most phenomenal performance of the first period of PGE Ekstraliga games, it would most likely be a shot at Jasna Góra by the teenage Hubert Jabłoński, one of Roman Jankowski’s wonderful children. What struck me about that performance? That this kid was fast in every part of the race – under the assembly line, in the driveway and also in the field.

And do you know what unit he used? After … Tomek Jędrzejak. Acquired by Fogo Unia after the death of the former Polish individual champion. Because a good Leszno flyer flies through the barn door. What Roman Jankowski, a fan of flying, knows very well. Once, he even broke the electricity cable with his plane, leaving the local residents without electricity.

This year the whole speedway in Poland is raving about the youth of Fogo Unia, so I don’t have to do too much. Though it is undoubtedly something. Since the generation of a generation is unequal in sports, and the human material is extremely important, many believed that there would be a void after Bartosz Smektała and Dominik Kubera fled the nest. But no, these kids have already won two highly prestigious battles for Taurus. Indeed, there would be no victory at Jasna Góra without Jabłoński’s points and there would be no victory at the Olympics, if not for Borowiak’s points.

There is one thing I pay attention to. Tomek Jędrzejak died in 2018. So this bike after him, unrivaled in Częstochowa and also from Kowalski’s workshop, is at least four years old. And this is not an isolated case these days. There are now more such old units riding up front.

It’s not that they have everything the most expensive in Leszno. This is absolutely not the case. It is enough to compare the city subsidies in PGE Ekstraliga to get a clear picture that Fogo Unia is one of the less prosperous clubs of the best league in the world. Which probably also had some influence on the departure of the aforementioned Smektała and Kubera.

I would compare it to situations from other sports, quite niche like rowing or fencing. There is a student. His friend, modest, smiling and happy that as a reward for a good result he gets an isotonic drink with a piece of cheesecake from the club and a kind word. Because sometimes it means the most. However, people grow up and when this student finally grabs a big medal, say an Olympic one, it starts to become a nuisance for his home, small and environmental club. Because the demands also begin. The boy finally notices that his peers are much better off elsewhere. So he also wants a little bit more, because he finally feels like his five minutes are up, but he doesn’t go into it. And then there are often breaks and changes in club colors. There are also differences of opinion, regret remains – sometimes for a shorter period of time, sometimes for longer. Life, the normal course of business.

One thing is certain: in Leszno there is sport, elsewhere it is more business. Just look at the approach of the U24 Ekstraliga games in Leszno and in Wrocław. Although it would be harmful to say that they do not play sports in Wrocław as they are the Polish team champion. So let’s compromise and establish that they play sports in clubs like Fogo Unia, and in clubs like Betard Sparta – sports shops.

Betard Sparta can only regret today that she gave Francis Gusts to Pozna before the suspension of the Russians. Because he is a boy who should try it already in PGE Ekstraliga. See how a hellishly strong pair of youth players had the second-rate Pozna club in the final game against Bedmet OK Kolejarz. Gusts scored 13 (3,3,3,3,1) and Damian Ratajczak 4+2 (2*, 1.1*, 0).

On Friday, the Spartans will take on the Olympic Arged Malesa. So this is a meeting with Jędrzejak in the background, an opportunity for memories. He grew up in Ostrów and achieved success in Wrocław. Too bad his memorial collapsed after the first edition and doesn’t fit the business plan today.

Alfred Smoczyk, also individual Polish champion, is doing slightly better in Leszno.

Wojciech Koerber

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