Poland ready for Euro. This is how they blew their rivals to dust

The meeting opened with a special ceremony in connection with Piotr Protasiewicz. The deserved player was inducted into the Speedway Polish National Team Gallery of Fame.

Captain Stelmet Falubazu also surprised with his confession. Well, he decided to hang Kevlar after the 2022 season. Probably few fans expected such a decision. The 47-year-old took part in PGE Ekstraliga a year ago.

Before the speedway riders appeared on the track, the attention of the fans was focused on the performance of one of the dance groups. Women dressed in beautiful costumes presented themselves with the flags of the participants of the battle.

Monday’s game for the Polish national team was the main test for the upcoming European Team Championship in Pozna. No wonder all the biggest stars appeared in Bydgoszcz, including Bartosz Zmarzlik and Maciej Janowski.

There were also newcomers. Even Wiktor Przyjemski, just 16, raced for the first time with an eagle on his chest. The Polonia graduate broke points from a few more experienced rivals and put in a very decent performance.

However, the track was ruled and shared by Bartosz Zmarzlik. The two-time world champion and current general classification leader of the Grand Prix series lost just one race and gave fans a show they hadn’t seen in a long time.

In Bydgoszcz there was no shortage of hard riding despite the friendly racing. In the photo, the aforementioned Wiktor Przyjemski rides relentlessly under David Beli and Francis Gusts.

The visitors did their best on Monday, but it was the Poles who dominated the game from start to finish and already secured a nice victory before the nominated runs.

In addition to Bartosz Zmarzlik, it is a great credit to Janusz Kołodziej, among others. There were no lost races for the Unia Leszno rider. Even after a bad start, he was able to overtake his rivals at a distance like poles.

The guests, on the other hand, were not even spoiled by the pogrom, because what else would you call the defeat 38:51. The fans were long thanked by, for example, Francis Gusts.

But all good things soon come to an end. The white-and-red of success will not be long in coming, as on May 15 they will be in the final of the European Team Championship.

At the track in Pozna, our team will compete against the Danes, Swedes and British. The competition start list will surely be filled with big stars and multiple world champions.

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