May 4th is a special date not just for Torino FC fans

Today is a special moment in the history of football in Italy, especially in Turin and in this part of it, and this moment is dominated by fans of “Granaty”, ie Torino FC.

Just after the war, it was the best team on the old continent to win the Italian championship in series. It was victorious in 1943 and then successively in 1946-1949. Almost all players played “Squadra Azzurra”. In May 1947, in a match in Turin, Italy defeated Hungary 3-2, and the starting line-up consisted of no less than 10 players from Torino Calcio, with the brilliant Valentino Mazzola in the foreground! He is considered one of the best players with a “10” on his back and considered by many to be the best Italian footballer ever. It was he who led the Turin team to the next championship titles, because he was the best player of the team.

At the end of April 1949, five rounds before the end of the tournament, Turin scored another scudetto. On Sunday May 1, they flew with Benfica to a friendly meeting in Lisbon. Two days later they played a friendly match there, which they lost 3-4. On May 4 at 9.40 am, the aircraft Fiat G.212 CP took off from the Portuguese capital. There were 31 people on board, four crew members, five training personnel, three journalists, 18 participants and the flight organizer. At 13.00 a stopover in Barcelona, ​​and a landing in Turin in the afternoon.

At 4:45 p.m., the pilot informed the flight controllers that they were descending to an altitude of 2,000 meters. The weather was bad – it was raining and visibility was obscured by fog. At 5:02 PM the pilot informed about dense clouds and terrible visibility around Superga Hill, limited to 40 meters. On Turin’s Superga Hill, 675 meters above sea level, stands a majestic basilica with a 75 meter high dome. A plane had just crashed into the back wall of the basilica. The terrible visibility prevented the pilots from noticing the building…

All the participants in the flight died – all the players of Grande Torino and practically the entire Italian national team, which was to defend the world championship in Brazil next year. Players like Valerio Bacigalupo, Aldo Ballarin, Dino Ballarin, Emile Bongiorni, Eusebio Castigliano, Rubens Fadini, Guglielmo Gabetto, Ruggero Grava, Giuseppe Grezar, Ezio Loik, Virgilio Maroso, Valentino Martelli, Valentino, Danzola, Romeo Osmontiola, Julius Schubert.

In the Museum del Grande Torino you can see the propeller and one of the wheels of a completely broken machine. Every year, Torino fans, who later never referred to the great era of the “Grande Torino” years for themselves, march to Superga Hill, where they pay tribute to players, coaches, activists and crew members who died in one of the worst football plane crash in history. The team captain reads their names on the memorial plaque. This honor was received for several years by Kamil Glik, who still enjoys a lot of sympathy among the fans of the band from Turin. Today, another representative of Poland, Karol Linetta, who has been playing for Turin for 2 years, will attend this ceremony.

This is a moment associated with great emotions. After all, this celebration is of great importance for the club and the fans. Every Torino supporter has the date of May 4 in their calendar. This is one of the most important days of the year. When new players, especially those from abroad, appear in the team, they are quickly told what happened that day and who Valentino Mazzola was – he explained to me before the book “Kamil Glik. Character counts”, a great Polish representative .

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