Frans Timmermans responds to call Fit for 65’s – Article

Accelerating the green transformation is necessary. The European Green Deal is a guarantee of peace and effective measures to combat the consequences of the climate crisis. A fair, green transformation must be a comprehensive transformation – encompassing the energy, food production and transport sectors. The slogan #NooneLeftBehind represents a transformation that takes into account all aspects: climate and environment, biodiversity, life and health issues for people living near industrial farms, ethical issues – the animal-based system must go down in history and space contribute to the transition to sustainable, accessible and healthy plant-based nutrition.

The climate crisis has become our reality. Reliance on fossil fuels makes EU countries pay Russia for raw materials, while imposing sanctions to stop the war. We put out fires with gasoline. The food system is the least discussed system and part of the puzzle that today makes a map of environmental costs, a map of biodiversity loss, air pollution, soil, water, climate migration, diseases of civilization, costs for people working in the production of animal feed, costs in the form of a pandemic, fall in real estate prices in areas where industrial farms are being built. The board is no longer a private matter, and deniers and deniers are using the board’s choice and privacy argument to divert attention from the fact that the right to a pork chop violates labor rights, animal rights, human rights, public compensation , costs for the natural environment. Of course, the complexity of the cost and price we pay for the Animal Based Food System is hard to spot. Advertisements convince consumers that grass exists and is greenest where we breed and kill happy animals.

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the most attacked strategy to implement the European Green Deal – the “farm to fork” strategy – was immediately the target of further attacks by the animal lobby, conservative politicians and decision-makers. A few days ago, the European Commission granted aid to Spanish milk producers – 170 million euros from public funds. Of course, the aid only goes to producers of cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk. Producers in the growing plant replacement industry cannot rely on public funds, which helps with rising costs of raw materials and energy.

Food security based on animal production billions of euros are invested with public funds in the unstable dairy, meat and egg sectors. Wobbly as it becomes less and less effective. More than 70% of the grain that could reach humans is fed to animals, so-called breeding. Avian Influenza or ASF are other state funds as compensation. Industrial farms generate many inaccurate and unrecognized costs to the environment, human health, places where agrotourism will not be created, the prices of real estate and of non-human animals themselves fall.

In such a situation, shouldn’t the Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, accelerate green change and strengthen the plant-to-fork ambitions of the Farm to Fork strategy, with all the data on the table? During the meeting in Brussels, the Vice-President highlighted the role of Member States as a brake on the transformation of the food system. At the same time, however, the EU is not having a broad debate about the resource consumption of livestock farming, the ineffectiveness of the system based on the production of animal feed, the so-called farm, which life is one big fattening and stuffing with drugs and then in the form of wings , eggs, pork neck, sausage, cutlet or cheese damage in connection with the operation of meat, dairy and egg factories.

Civil society organizations and academia repeat:

a) biodiversity

b) antibiotic resistance

c) diseases of civilization

d) workers’ rights

e) the environment

f) deforestation

g) animal rights!

However, EU authorities and Member States still believe that the transition can be achieved, leaving food system reform behind.

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