Carbon gains strength in the shelter. We come back to the issue of the discarded dog in Śniegowa – Sanok

A medium-sized 16-year-old dog has had a lot of bad luck. With his last strength he managed to approach the nearest house and there he collapsed exhausted. Mr Bartłomiej and his son Szymon took care of him. It was they who called us to the place of duty and informed us about the whole incident.


Whoever thought he went to a wilderness and his deed went unnoticed has miscalculated. Not only did the people of the adjacent buildings keep an eye on the car, it turned out that there was also supervision on the construction site. Together with the police patrol, we waited for the Wesoły Kundelek shelter staff to hand over the defenseless animal to their professional care. The dog was first examined superficially and provided with the necessary food. The next day, a shelter worker bathed him and cleaned his skin of numerous ticks and insects.

– When I got into his box, there were a lot of drunken ticks on the floor. I poured him some water in the tub and waited for him to come in, so as not to stress him out. Carbon – because that’s the name we gave him, when he lay down in this water, he lay there for about 20 minutes. He was fine because the water was with the right shampoo and his skin probably stopped itching and hurting. Then we started washing. The water, when I poured it, was literally black. The dog was very neglected and this neglect only lasted a week. The nail had grown into the skin and I could barely cut it without surgery.

– says Łukasz, an employee of the shelter Wesoły Kundelek.

Now it’s not the same dog at all. He gains strength, walks more willingly and begins to trust people. That’s good, because he deserved a peaceful, happy old age.

After the material was published, we got a call from a man who said he owned the dog. He claimed that someone stole the dog from the box 4 days earlier. The man immediately wanted to go to the animal shelter. However, it is not as easy as it may seem to someone. Firstly, a report has been made to the police and proceedings are ongoing, and secondly, the dog needs thorough veterinary care.

The alleged owner also called the shelter to ask when he could pick up the dog.

Somehow I don’t want to believe that someone would steal an old, sick dog and then go to the trouble of chasing him out of town. for what? We, here at the shelter, are witnessing various strange behaviors of people. But it would take a long time to tell them all. In any case, the behavior of the police and what they show will decide the fate of the dog.

Internet users somehow also do not believe in the translations of the dog owners.

– Now the “owners” explain it themselves, because the fear is around four letters when it turned out that there was supervision. The dog should not be returned as they will throw it elsewhere. Such neglect does not happen overnight. I also have old dogs and cats and in my life I would not allow my animals to be like that.

What I don’t understand here. Someone stole the “old” loving dog, mongrel. And after 4 days he threw it out? Good thing there’s surveillance, they’ll catch the culprit.

I bet this theft story is made up.

No, you will not get it back, the dog has been neglected, sick and deprived of its dignity for years. I hope the prosecutor will draft a strong indictment.

– summarize another Facebook user.

We would like to remind you that the dog has been diagnosed with degeneration of the spine in the lumbar region, many parasites on the skin (fleas and ticks) and the associated inflammation of the skin. He also had very sticky and matted hair. The animal has severe hearing loss, only hears high-pitched sounds. As if that weren’t enough, he has heavily ingrown dewclaws on the fifth toe of his hind legs. She probably has prostate cancer. The male is about 43 cm long and weighs about 11-12 kg. In addition to this long list, after X-ray examination, there was a dislocation of the left ankle joint of the hind leg.

Soon we will find out what the work of the County Police Headquarters in Sanok will show in this case.

In connection with the received report of the abandonment of the dog, which took place in Sanok last Saturday before 6 p.m., we are conducting a procedure for non-compliance with the Animal Protection Act. At the same time, we would like to remind you of the obligations that rest on pet owners. If we decide to get a dog, we have to provide him with the right conditions. Remember that an animal is not a thing. Man owes him respect, protection and care. There is a risk of criminal liability for non-compliance with animal rights. According to the regulations, leaving an animal behind is a form of bullying, for which: can be punished with up to 3 years imprisonment

– informs us about KPP Sanok’s press spokesman, Kom Monika Hędrzak.

The dog is man’s closest friend. No one has the right to treat him differently. Despite the constantly growing awareness among dog owners about the health and needs of pets, you can still find dogs in many places that are neglected by their owners in various ways. Malnourished, chained too short, and often with visible symptoms of serious illness, they often remain in this condition until death.

It is true that the law is on the side of pets and provides penalties for people who do not take care of their pets. However, none of the properly licensed services conduct periodic health checks on dogs in their area. The only hope for neglected dogs is the messages of people who cannot indifferently ignore animal suffering. Therefore, if you see damage to your pet, do not hesitate – help him and report it.

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