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The inspection of the Polish Society for the Protection of Animals from Działdowo calls for education about homelessness in animals at a young age. Although the legal regulations related to the protection of animals are defined by the law of 1997, there are still many misconceptions in our consciousness – assesses the coordinator of the OTOZ Animal Inspectorate Działdowo. – The law stated that an animal, as a living being, capable of suffering, is not a thing. Man owes him respect, protection and care. And this is what every pet owner should remember – they add.

Further rights and obligations are determined by the European Union. Animal welfare is currently based on the so-called Five Freedoms: Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition by providing fresh water and food to keep animals healthy and strong. The second point defines freedom from trauma and pain by providing adequate shelter and a place to rest. Third, freedom from pain, wounds and disease through prevention, timely diagnosis and treatment. Fourth – the freedom to express natural behavior by providing adequate space, conditions and companionship to other animals of the same species. Finally, the fifth point is to be free from fear and stress by providing care and treatment that does not cause psychological distress to the animals.

“We are still not aware, and we talk too seldom, that having a dog is a privilege, not a duty. Anyone who decides to become the owner of the animal takes responsibility for it – adds the representative of OTOZ. – If that were the case, there would be less intervention. And there are many more. We have animals that are often in life-threatening situations that need to be rescued. We get money for their treatment from fundraising, but also from 1 percent. We only organize collections for the treatment and maintenance of the animal. Then every cent is spent on these causes.
Unfortunately, there are still no temporary houses where animals can wait for a new home.

– Currently we only accept applications from the Działdowo poviat. We try to act. Our big thanks go to the police. Where we can’t go, we can count on the support of the neighbourhood, explains the coordinator. – Our interventions show how important education is. We try to educate, but this should be done on a larger scale in kindergartens and schools. Sometimes talking is enough to change the owner’s consciousness. It is not difficult, for example, to take a dog with you if there is room for change. Often the owner does not know how badly a pet is treated. After all, this is what grandma and grandpa did, so why else would he do it. Only when we are talking does the owner realize a thing or two.

Animal lovers emphasize that animals can perfectly sense and feel human emotions when someone approaches them with a heart.

– The gratitude shown by the rescued animals is the greatest reward. It hurts us that we can’t help everyone. We are socially active, currently in the inspection in Działdowo two people are involved in coordination – adds the representative of OTOZ Animals Działdowo. – There are people who support us. There are also individuals who are involved and spend their free time. It’s great and uplifting that there are people out there who want to make a difference. However, we are saddened by the small number of animal welfare organizations in eastern Poland.
In the poem “About Aniołach” by Czesław Miłosz there is a quote: “one more day, do what you can”.

Social activists add:
– You can’t be indifferent. Each of us can pay attention. Any report of animal cruelty can be reported to us at: Let’s react, don’t be passive – emphasize them.
They also add that there is a lack of awareness that spaying and neutering are a way for animals not to reproduce uncontrollably and thus not exacerbate homelessness.

Katarzyna Jankow-Mazurkiewicz

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