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ZURRICH, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently published research results[1] performed at the Charité-Universitätsmedizin hospital in Berlin confirm that cleaning with HeiQ Synbio cleaners creates a surface microbiome that significantly reduces the number of antimicrobial resistance genes associated with healthcare-associated infections.

Previous studies in Belgian and Italian hospitals have shown that synbiotic cleaning is a new, promising technology for healthcare facilities (Caselli E. et al.[2]† A new study conducted at the renowned Charité-Universitätsmedizin in Berlin (Charité Berlin) examined and compared the effects of different cleaning and disinfection strategies on the surface microbiome in a clinical setting. Three surface cleaners (Incidin Pro ECOLAB disinfectant, ECOLAB Brial Top cleaner and HeiQ Synbio synbiotic cleaners) were used in nine independent patient rooms in the neurology department (Charité, Berlin). Weekly sampling of different surfaces has shown that synbiotic debridement is a new and highly successful method for hospital hygiene management, confirming previous results of Caselli et al. [3–6]in which HeiQ Synbio cleaners reduced antimicrobial resistance on hospital surfaces by up to 99.9%, reduced the incidence of healthcare-associated infections by up to 52% and lowered the costs of healthcare-associated infections by up to 75%. These results are groundbreaking and change the way we think about nosocomial infection control strategies.

The full article detailing the Charité Berlin study can be found here, and a detailed presentation will also be presented at the seminar to be held on May 11, 2022 at Interclean 2022 in the Amsterdam Congress Center.

HeiQ is responding to the growing consumer interest in health, hygiene and safety by offering sustainable technology

Following the acquisition of Chrisal, a specialty biotechnology company with patented probiotic and synbiotic technology, HeiQ, a Swiss intellectual property manufacturer and recognized global brand for materials innovation, recently launched a new HeiQ Synbio range of cleaning agents, which you can read more about here. † HeiQ Synbio uses synbiotics – a unique combination of pre- and probiotics – to achieve lasting improvements in the microbiome of humans, animals and the environment.

As a microbiologist and lead developer of HeiQ Synbio technology, Dr. Robin Temmerman, President of HeiQ Chrisal, commented: “In pursuit of perfect cleanliness, we often use excessive amounts of antibiotics, disinfectants and biocides, which can lead to the formation of resistant microorganisms – the so-called superbacteria

HeiQ Seminar on Synbiotic Cleaning Agents and Healthcare-Related Infections at Interclean

HeiQ will be the organizer of a seminar highlighting the spectacular effectiveness of synbiotic cleaning in healthcare institutions. A panel of experts will explain synbiotic treatment, present technology, products and applications, and present the results of research conducted by Charité Berlin.

Registration: here

Speakers and topics:

– dr. Tilman Klassert, Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, “Evaluation of probiotic cleaning in Charité University Berlin”,

– Elad Amir, Design Cleaning Services Ltd, “Benefits of Synbio Cleaning for Facilities” and User Case Studies,

– dr. Robin Temmerman, HeiQ Chrisal, “Synbiotic Hygiene – Technology, Products and Applications”.

Seminar: HeiQ Seminar – Beyond Clean – Revolutionary synbiotic cleaning for healthcare facilities.

Date: 11 May 2022, 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Location: Interclean, Amsterdam, NL, Rooms E104 & E 105, near the entrance of Hall 10

Registration: here


HeiQ (LSE: HEIQ) is a Swiss intellectual property innovator and recognized global brand for material and textile innovation. Founded in 2005 after the spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and listed on the major London Stock Exchange since 2020, HeiQ focuses on improving the lives of billions of people around the world through hygiene , comfort, protection and durability for the products we use every day. HeiQ has valuable intellectual property solutions that are among the world’s leading technologies. HeiQ operates in multiple markets – textiles, rugs and carpets, antibacterial plastics, conductive coatings, medical devices, probiotic cleaning products, personal care and hospital care – and has developed technologies that are among the most effective, sustainable and efficient to use. of products.

As a trusted innovation partner of more than 300 global brands with significant R&D potential, HeiQ has won numerous awards such as the Swiss Technology Award and the Swiss Environmental Award, and has built a positive reputation for its ESG (environmental protection) initiatives. social responsibility and governance) and the positive impact of introduced innovations on sustainable development in the contexts in which they are used by its clients. HeiQ researches new solutions for partners, provides scalable manufacturing in its facilities around the world, and helps partners bring their products to market, aiming to get them from the lab to the consumer in just a few months.

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