We know how much players will earn in Sweden. A Pole will win the most

The highest earning player in the Swedish league will be able to earn more than a million Swedish crowns, or almost half a million zloty, in the coming months. There are many indications that a Pole, Bartosz Zmarzlik, will be number one on the payroll

Mateusz Puka

Bartosz Zmarzlik

Press material / PGE Ekstraliga / In the photo: Bartosz Zmarzlik

On Tuesday, after a hiatus of more than six months, Bauhaus-Ligan resumes and although the competitions are in crisis and stirring much less emotion among Swedish fans than a few years ago, most of the world’s best speedway riders can still can’t imagine the season without Tuesday’s games in Sweden.

It turns out that even though the turnout in the stands is declining and the games are like a small-town picnic, it still pays off for players to go there. After a few financially weak years, the activists of Swedish clubs went deeper into their pockets and provided their stars with really decent terms.

– Lessons have been learned from previous seasons and now most clubs are opting for a much safer option of signing lump sum contracts. The leading players have a guaranteed rate for the match and the clubs avoid unexpected costs after high wins – said Zdzisław Kołsut, a speedway manager active in the Swedish market. Not so long ago, he even helped 40-50 players a year in Sweden. Today he represents about 15 of the best, such as Bartosz Zmarzlik, Jarosław Hampel or Dominik Kubera.

However, the stars still cannot complain about their earnings in Sweden, and riding in this competition will not be just for them to train.

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The world leaders received 50-200 thousand Swedish crowns for their signature (22.5-90 thousand zlotys), and each match is another 30-50 thousand crowns in revenue for them (13.5-22.5 thousand zloty).

Of this, 15 percent must be deducted from the tax that athletes and artists have to pay for their work. This is not a complete waste of money, however, as speedway drivers who have raced in this competition for years will receive a benefit commensurate with their contributions after finishing their career and reaching retirement age. In the case of the most persistent, it can go up to a thousand zlotys per month.

The amount for the preparation for the season and the high amount for the match are the privileges of the best players. The slightly weaker ones have to adapt to the salary and wage ladder depending on the points scored within a certain range. The earnings from 0 to 5 points are valued at an average of about 15,000 kroner, 6-9 for 20,000 kroner and 10 or more even 30,000 kroner.

Most importantly, though, even with lesser performance, speedway riders can rest assured that they won’t lose money on a foreign escapade (travel costs are estimated at 4,000 SEK). There is no such certainty in the case of the other major European competitions, namely the British and Danish.

In the second class in Sweden, the financial circumstances are much more modest. A year ago, Norbert Krakowiak raced there, ensuring the correct number of starts per week, as well as the possible recognition of activists from the Swedish elite. The GKM competitor could not count on luxury and earned about 7,000 crowns per game. The maximum earnings in the Allsvenskan League are around $12,000. crowns.

– The Swedes have a lot of respect for Bartosz Zmarzlik and it is safe to say that this player is the highest earning speedway driver in the Swedish league. Bartek treats the local fans very seriously, and they appreciate him not only for his skills, but also for his dedication to the team and modesty off the track – says Kołsut.

This year, the Bauhaus-Ligan games will be available again on Eleven Sports (broadcasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm), as well as live coverage on the WP Sportowefakty website.

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