They summon the spirits of Gdansk. Villarreal faces an impossible mission with Liverpool

‘Too bad for the Champions League’ – some English media were ruthless with the attitude of the team Emery at Anfield. The players Jurgen Klopp they pushed Villarreal into his penalty area and didn’t let him out for 90 minutes. The defense of the “Yellow Submarine” was at times desperate. The team from a city of 50,000 inhabitants did not fire a single shot

It was clear from the start that this was a fight between David and Goliath. In this edition of the Champions League, Emery’s team Juventus defeated Turin and Bayern Munich, but Liverpool is a team that is even better. In the Premier League, he made up for a 10-point deficit from Manchester City and is competing for the title. He has the chance to win four trophies, which no one in England has ever won. He won the League Cup, is in the FA Cup final and is just a step away from the Champions League final in Paris.

What can a club with a modest budget of 117 million euros, whose chairman says the goal for each season is to stay in the Primera Division? In the city of Vila-Real with 50,000 inhabitants, near Valencia, a beautiful stadium was built, La Ceramica, which can accommodate 23,500 spectators. Every second resident can play a rematch with Liverpool today. This is a big party for a club, for a city that makes this European dream come true thanks to the owner of Pamesa – a company that produces ceramic tiles. Fernando Roig he has ruled the club for 23 years, for which he received the title of adopted son of Vila-Real.

The woman gets up in the morning and hears, sleepily, strange singing. She enters the second room and sees her husband dancing around the yellow altar, on which scarves, club symbols, candles are lit and in the middle a picture of the attacker Gerard Moreno– What are you doing Pascual? – he asks. † I remember the ghost of Gdansk – replies the husband. It was a year ago in Gdansk that Villarreal won the Europa League final with Manchester United. Now the club has made a video before the game against Liverpool with the message: “we need all possible help”

According to the Transfermarkt portal, the value of Liverpool’s staff is €900 million and Villarreal €382 million. Most of Klopp’s players are foreigners, 17 of them are nationals. Roig employs 13 people, mostly Spaniards. The club wants to develop from the point of view of the students. Although of course he has had a few stars in his history like Juan Roman RiquelmeDiego Forlanif Marcos Senna† That generation reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2006 and was unlucky to lose to Arsenal. Riquelme, who was shot in extra time, is a historical trauma for the club.

There are no signs of drama today. The Liverpool advantage is overwhelming. Emery announces the fight to the end. Villarreal players must rise to the challenge out of respect for their fans. Emery is the coach who won 84% of the league in European competitions† It’s only better (88%) Zinedine Zidane. The French have won the Champions League three times with Real Madrid.

However, Klopp is the best FIFA coach in 2019 and 2020. He can prepare footballers for extreme efforts. The physical advantage of “The Reds” was overwhelming in the first game. They moved across the field twice as fast as the Spaniards. Liverpool only lost one game this year, but without consequences. After Inter’s 0-1 defeat, he was promoted to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, as he won the first game at San Siro 2-0. † You need to know which game you can lose – remarked Klopp.

So Villarreal should be doing something today that no one has accomplished this season. In November, West Ham scored three goals for Liverpool, but they only won 3-2. In September, Brentford defeated the Reds goalkeeper three times, the match ended in a draw. Emery’s team is thus faced with an impossible mission. In addition, he is injured coquelina Raul Albiol and Gerard Moreno (not playing at Anfield) still struggling to recover.

– We will suffer and you must be ready says Klopp. When he won the Champions League in Madrid against Liverpool in 2019, he said:see you next year in Istanbul”† The Reds did not return to the final, which was moved to Lisbon in 2020 due to the pandemic. In the years that followed, Liverpool were eliminated from the Champions League by clubs from Madrid: Atletico and Real. Now, due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the Champions League final has been moved from St. Petersburg to Paris. Klopp fulfills his promise late?

Dariusz Wolowski


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