The final of the Volleyball World Championships at the PGE Narodowy?! The chairman of PZPS comments

Poland and Slovenia will host this year’s World Cup after the FIVB stripped the Russians of the right to host the tournament. Perhaps Italians will join this group. The final may be hosted in Warsaw at the PGE Narodowy!

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Strict sanctions were imposed on Russian sports following Vladimir Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine. As a result, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) stripped Russia of the right to host the 2022 Volleyball World Championship.

“Due to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, the FIVB expresses its deep concern about the escalation of events and the safety of people in Ukraine. The FIVB board concluded that, due to the ongoing hostilities, it was impossible to hold the World Cup in Russia to keep” – it said in the press release.

Poland and Slovenia took over the right to host the tournament. Italians may also join this group, talks are still ongoing. † Final decisions must be made quickly.

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In Poland, the group has to compete against the world champions. Two quarter-finals, both semi-finals, the match for third place and the final are also played in our country. Talks are currently underway with cities that could host this high-profile event.

– Everyone wants to have the World Cup at home, but not everyone can. It is about the availability of rooms. Let’s not forget that we are two years behind a pandemic, canceled concerts, trade shows, exhibitions and sporting events. Now that they can finally be organized, the operators of all the largest facilities want to make up for the losses. Many agreements have already been made. Some events that coincide with the World Championships cannot be moved because they are also really big events. Sanctions for delaying the deadline amount to well over a million zlotys. And then, even if the city authorities want it, the operator of the hall wants it, the economy does not allow it – said Sebastian Świderski in an interview with

The chairman of PZPS is convinced that although there is not much time left until the World Cup, the event will be organized at the highest level. The union has an alternative in case of problems with renting “flagship” facilities. The former representative of the country admits that the opening match, matches of the “Polish group” and the final at the PGE Narodowy in Warsaw were taken into account. While the first two options are unlikely, the game for gold is still real in the face of tens of thousands of fans.

– There were such ideas that the whole Polish group could be “thrown” to the PGE National Stadium, but personally I am not a fan of playing volleyball matches in such large open facilities. Volleyball fans certainly prefer to watch our discipline in the hall. By the way, when it comes to the opening match, we certainly wouldn’t be able to host it in the National Stadium, because Ed Sheeran will be playing two concerts there on August 25-26 – admitted Sebastian Świderski.

– Time is short, but after we managed to complete the contract with the FIVB, knowing how much the government and the Ministry of Sports were involved in the championship, I am sure that we will organize everything in time and that it will be will be a really great championship. Perhaps and with the final at the National Stadium, this cannot be ruled out at all, but neither can it be guaranteed, said the president of the Polish Volleyball Federation.

The Poles enter the first round of the Volleyball World Championships by competing in Group C, where they face Mexico, the US and Bulgaria.

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