Piglet prices stagnate. Growing problems with the sale of animals

Price maintenance is still dominant in the price lists for domestic and imported piglets. The current week brought fewer cuts than the previous one. However, our interlocutors emphasize the growing difficulties in the sale of weaned animals.

According to our weekly survey, most domestically produced piglet outlets and almost all imported piglet outlets have decided to maintain last week’s prices.

Forecasts for the piglet market

As Jakub Napierała emphasized, not much has changed in the past week. The demand for piglets is still very weak and the price of cereals has risen, in short, the situation is not interesting.

– The only thing that picked up a bit was the sale of gilts and boars, because people got subsidies for the sows and it moved a little bit. However, piglet sales are currently virtually non-existent, says Napierała.

Bogdan Wiśnicki also points to the low demand.

– Demand is very weak. There is nowhere to sell piglets. Some farmers argue that they will not buy a piglet of 30 kg above PLN 300, because later they will not earn money from finishing pigs and will have to contribute to the business and they disagree. On the other hand, the cost of producing such a piglet on my farm is currently about PLN 260 without being burdened with credits, so with the current price it is possible to function, although it is not surprising – he says.

As Rafał Jabłoński emphasizes, something has to change in the end, otherwise Polish production will cease to exist. According to Jabłoński, the price of finishing pigs that guarantees the profitability of production could be an incentive to bring in weaned fattening pigs.

– Everything will depend on the harvest of new grains – at what price they will be, how the cost will develop, then it will be possible to determine the necessary amount of increases. At the moment, with the current prices of piglets and production costs, before we talk about profitability, the price should be at least 8 PLN per kilogram of live pigs – says Jabłoński.

According to Lukasz Przytarski, the next two weeks will not bring major changes. As he explains, there are quite a few weaners on the market and farmers are not tempted to get involved due to the high grain prices. According to Przytarski, the purchase price of finishing pigs that guarantees the interest in introducing weaners into the fattening farm is about 12-14 PLN per wbc.

– A fattening pig should cost 12-14 PLN per wbc, so that the production is maintained and it would not be a price that brings huge profits for the farmer. Profitability of production is reached even now, at PLN 8.7-9 per wbc, but the result is slightly above zero, which in the case of small and diameter farms does not give a chance to catch a breath and secure the future . These 12-14 zlotys would encourage insertions and limit layoffs from pig production – says Przytarski.

According to Remigiusz Bilski, the regional sales manager at PH Konrad, the demand for next week is slightly better than this week. Although, as he emphasizes, mainly insert people with obligations, while the rest only go to vegetable production. According to Bilski, the forecasts for the near future are not the worst.

– According to the forecasts, however, the finisher will increase prices because there is a shortage of livestock on the market. In week 18, the first price increase for finishing pigs by about 5 cents will hit the German market. Everyone is looking to the skies wondering what the May weekend will bring, and since the forecasts aren’t too bad, demand for meat could be higher, which could lead to spikes. An impetus for increases will also be a shortage of the finisher, as the games from the period of few insertions begin to dwindle – informs Bilski. – Increases in the finishing pig market will give impetus to piglet price increases, although in my opinion there is not much room to show off in this area, because with such unpredictable feed costs no one runs the risk of very expensive piglets. We will operate in the range from PLN 320, with poorer demand, to PLN 380, with better demand – he added.

How many domestic piglets (04/22/2022)?

This week, most domestically produced weaner outlets that were surveyed again decided to maintain their prices from the previous week, while about 25 percent decided to cut prices. examined points.

According to the results of our weekly survey, the rates for Polish piglets weighing 20 kg are currently on average PLN 281/head. net, ie per PLN 4 / piece net less than the week before. Their prices reach a minimum of PLN 245/piece. net, and the maximum amount of PLN 320 / item net.

In the case of domestic weaning animals weighing 30 kg, the average price is PLN 340 / head. net, ie per PLN 3 / piece less than a week ago. Their prices range from 320 to 360 PLN/piece. net.

Prices of domestic piglets from April 22, 2022

Prices for imported piglets (22-04-2022)?

In the case of imported piglets, almost all the outlets surveyed have decided to maintain last week’s prices.

Piglets imported from Denmark are currently valued at an average of PLN 327/head. net, ie per PLN 5 / piece less than a week ago. Their prices range from 240 to 392 PLN / piece. net. The prices quoted are for weaned animals weighing 30 kg.

Prices of imported piglets from April 22, 2022
Prices of imported piglets from April 22, 2022

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Prices Danish piglets unchanged

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