Lech Poznań: Too bad the administrative decision ruined the spectacle

Police in Warsaw responded to the balance sheet of the riot on Twitter, where they reported that there were two more police officers and a service horse pelted with rocks and bottles. The officers have been taken to hospital, the injured animal is also receiving help from a veterinarian. The police cited as the most serious incident the clashes at the gates of the National Stadium No. 10 and 11, where an attempt was made to enter the facility, so the officer used gas, stun grenades and physical violence.

In the videos recorded by Lech fans, you can see how police horses attack them and beat the gathered people. Police said they have arrested 20 people for an active assault on a cop.

Lech Poznań has not released and will not release a statement about the incidents involving his fans. – We are still collecting data – says club spokesman Maciej Henszel. – We are also investigating the competition rules, because our fans bought ticket vouchers until April 22, and the decision of the Warsaw President based on the recommendations of the fire brigade was issued later, after the pool of tickets was closed and sent to the Polish Football Association, which physically printed tickets. We know that the Polish Football Association appealed the decision of the local government, but the appeal was rejected just before the game.

In his opinion, many fans could assume that the appeal would be accepted, as the flags carried by fans to the capital did not pose a threat and were looked at by the police. – Among them were not only sectoral balls, but also flags that are customarily hung on the fence in every stadium by Lech fans – says the club spokesman.

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It was the ban on placing these flags that became a point of contention, leading to more than 10,000 Kolejorz fans gathering in front of the stadium and not participating in the match, and when it started, riots broke out. – When I returned from Warsaw to Pozna after the game, I spoke at gas stations with Lech fans and those who went to the game in family circle. They told terrible things about what happened outside the stadium. Now we are checking and verifying all this – says Maciej Henszel, adding that Lech regrets that the administrative decision regarding the flags wasted the chance of a great show in the Polish Cup final, arguably the best ever.

The club has information on one injured – a Lech fan is said to be sent to a hospital in Warsaw for a tomography with a damaged head. The Warsaw police do not confirm this. On Tuesday, May 3, she declined to provide any new or expanded information, other than the information she posted to Twitter on match day and handed over to the press spokesperson at a briefing.

– The fans of Lech and Raków do not have big quarrels, so all day in Warsaw we saw them both strolling the streets and eating in restaurants. Therefore, it was possible to reduce the buffer zones in the stadium, which promised to be the highest turnout in the history of the final at the National Stadium – he says. † It’s also rare for the two best teams in the country to play in the final† The match was great. We just lost it, there is sadness, but the sporting performance was excellent. And one decision casts a shadow over it all, taking away the setting it deserves from such a magnificent finale. Too bad, very sad.

In Pozna it often happened that, despite the negative opinions and recommendations of the fire service, the voivode or local authorities allowed the use of large flags, realizing that this would increase the quality of the show and not endanger the safety. It’s worth remembering that fire hazard is one thing – the fire service recognizes that the risk of using large flags goes hand in hand with the risk of using pyrotechnics, and this can lead to a fire. Flags are often used as a cover for fans, who dress under them, disguising themselves to escape surveillance.

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