Brzczek announces the return and departure of Baszczykowski. “In sports outfit” Pika Nona

A little over three years ago, financial difficulties and abuses of activists could have left the club closed. Two years ago, he managed to stay in the Premier League for two more rounds before the end of the season, finishing the competition just above the relegation zone. A year ago, the situation was calmer, especially as one team relegated from Ekstraklasa. Difficult times have come for the football players, activists, coaches and fans of “White Star”. However, this year seems particularly difficult when it comes to sports. Wisła has 30 points and is in the relegation zone. With three rounds before the end of the season, he loses two (Zagłębie) and three points (Silesia) respectively to the following teams. The recent coach of the national team, and now the coach of Wisła, with whom we met at the picnic, seems calm. He tries to infect others with self-confidence and belief in success. If? Your best bet is to watch the video below. Only here the whole conversation with the trainer.

‘I would have to quit my job if I wasn’t optimistic’

– If I wasn’t optimistic about it then in the situation we are in I would have to quit my job – he smiles when we ask him about our positive attitude. He bases them on “how the team presents itself, on improving the quality of the game, aggressiveness and recently also on the number of goals scored and situations created”. Brzęczek recalls that Wisła scored 10 goals in four games in April before the derby. He adds that the maintenance is in the hands of the players. From the point of view of mathematics, you could rather argue that the situation is controlled by the main rivals to be kept (Zagłębie and Silesia), but the fact is that they have difficult matches ahead of them. Zagłębie will play with Raków and Lech, who are competing for the championship. They are not used to losing points. Silesia will have to deal with Pogoń Szczecin with a chance at the championship.

“Happy and smart people”. It was the most important game of Polish football. for $6

However, Wisła would have to win all three matches (against Jagiellonia, Radomiak and Warta) to have a serious chance of saving. Lately, however, there has been a problem with these good results at Reymont. Wisła scored nine points in ten appearances for Brzęczka. As the coach admits, “it is certainly not enough”. In some games, including the last-minute defeat to Wisła Płock (3:4), the pitch was sweltering hot. For hitting his opponent on the head after the final whistle, valuable striker Luis Fernandez was banned until the end of the season. Was he severely punished for this by the club?

– We leave these things in the wardrobe. Obviously, he needs to control his emotions. On the other hand – I know what happened in the meantime. He went to calm the stands, obviously he wasn’t negative. However, something happened that the cameras didn’t show and it exploded. It’s a shame, because he is a player who can score important goals, has very good technical training and was able to create situations for his colleagues – praises the player Brzęczek.

After the game against Płock, Jakub Błaszczykowski, who was treating the injury, also got a shot. The football player and the co-owner of the club must pay a fine for a verbal attack on the referee he went to after the game.

‘Kuba is back on the field’

– The ball is emotions. We all live off it. It’s important to tone down these emotions, but it doesn’t always work. If you have an opinion on a particular subject, you have the right to express it. Then of course it can be interpreted in different ways and one can talk about winding a spiral. It’s hard to feel what Cuba is going through. After the ligament rupture, he did not undergo surgery, hoping to win the battle against the injury, rehabilitation and hard work. I’ve seen him work. I also thought he would make it. He would be happy to help the team, even from the stands. We know what his character and passion for football are – explains Błaszczykowski Brzęczek. Although the midfielder has not played since September last year and will be on hiatus for another six months following surgery in March, Brzęczek promises the former Borussia Dortmund player will return to the field and not end his career after this season.

Wisła Krakow - Górnik Zabrze 4:1Wisła Kraków already has a plan for the first league match. “Remain sponsors”. Buzzer too

– After this surgery, Kuba feels better than the one he had in 2014 (same knee injury – editors note). After what happened, he’s still on the field. I know this because I can see his commitment to rehabilitation. He will want to say goodbye to fans in sportswear as an active player – Brzęczek tells us about the future of the outstanding representative of Poland.

The next two weeks will show whether Błaszczykowski will be able to say goodbye to the fans in the first division or the first division. Brzęczek ensures he can lead the Wisla even after being relegated from the football elite. Although no one at Reymont admits such a scenario, several variants and models of the club’s functioning are being prepared for the new season. More about Wisła’s situation in the attached conversation with the coach.

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