Brigitte Bardot – a beauty icon and activist. Now he helps animals from Ukraine

In the early fifties and sixties, she delighted the world with her beauty and talent. Later it disappeared from the mainstream to act on behalf of animals. Since the 1970s, Brigitte Bardot, a French beauty, has been constantly fighting for their rights: she rescued a hippo from the circus, bought a goat from a film set and runs an asylum.

Brigitte goes to battle

Born in 1934, a French woman, she made a huge career as a teenage model and actress. The incredible beauty of Brigitte Bardot and her alternative lifestyle delighted the entire continent, but her career was not the most important thing for the actress.

At the age of 38, Bardot retired from acting and most of her efforts were focused on animal conservation. She still does this today with her Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which she founded after selling antique furniture and other luxury goods. The organization deals with the fate of livestock, fights the slavery of animals in amusement parks, inhumane slaughter, homelessness and other problems.

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Animals need protection

Brigitte Bardot has stopped eating meat since 1960. At the time, her dream was to create a farm where the animals could live freely and would not be killed and eaten. Bardot talked about situations where she witnessed animal suffering. These situations shocked her, she felt pain and at the same time great opposition.

He constantly fights for decent treatment of animals. In interviews, she has said more than once that she understands animals instinctively, because she felt it herself when she was followed and mistreated. Even before giving up her acting career, Bardot founded an animal shelter.

– She identified with animals because she felt like a caged animal exposed to the public for yearsgives

Goats and Canadian Seals

Bardot showed her empathy for animals in several ways. For example, while shooting a movie, she bought a goat that her family would kill and eat. The French also freed a hippo, who was forced to work cruelly in a circus. She bought the animal and released it in its natural habitat.

In 1977, Bardot visited Canada, where seal hunting was commonplace. Hunters killed countless animals. Bardot clearly opposed the massacre, provoked by her presence the arrival of media from around the world, who filmed the actress’s hunt and quarrel with the Canadian government.

Also in 1977, the French beauty appeared on the cover of Women’s Day with a baby seal. This was Bardot’s opposition to the violence of small marine mammals. Seals were killed for meat and fur, among other things.

Bardot on the cover, Photo:

Despite the disagreement with the Canadian government, the actress’s actions took effect in another country. In the same year, the French president introduced a ban on the import of seal fur, and in 1983 seal fur was banned in Europe. Years later, only in 2009, the European Parliament banned the import of all seal products.

Brigitte Bardot and animals from Ukraine

Currently, the actress’s foundation supports animals that are also victims of human wars in Ukraine. She sent an open letter to Ukrainian citizens, which was also published by the Ukrainian press. The actress herself survived World War II and admits that, like the animals, she still has memories of fleeing and waiting in fear for the enemy.

With tears in my eyes I admire the courage of all these wonderful people who fight for their country with dignity and strength. What an example for this cowardly world!

I was moved to tears when I saw Ukrainians running away with their animals, I was impressed by their love for them, it was like a miracle showing that people still have compassion and respect for animal life, especially in dramatic moments! Thank you. – wrote the actress.

Brigitte Bardot turns 88 in September 2022, photo:

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