World Animal Day, the so-called Laboratory – demonstration in Warsaw – Article

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thanks for the opportunity to speak. As the Green REV Institute, the Future Food 4 Climate coalition, we change the consciousness of decision makers and politicians every day in a very annoying and labor intensive way, we demand the rights and protection of all animals. We are contacting the authorities, social and administrative partners.

Already half a million Community citizens within the European Citizens’ Initiative #SaveCrueltyFreeCosmetics are calling for a strengthening of the ban on testing using non-human animals.

For a world that is better for non-human animals, without suffering in labs, education and science, consumers struggle daily to find information about testing cosmetics and household chemicals on labels.

However, this increase in the awareness of citizens and women citizens does not necessarily go hand in hand with the actions of those who, with their vote at a session of the Sejm, the Senate, the European Parliament, and their duties within the Directorates-General of the European Commission or a particular ministry, can effectively and quickly change the fate of non-human animals and social consciousness.

Too often we see investments that support a system based on a lack of empathy, short-sightedness on the part of decision makers and industry. Examples include the work of scientists, scientists and industry on the concept of a biorefinery that will continue to support the EU dairy sector. Nearly half a million euros from European Union funds are earmarked for research into the issue of breeding flies as feed in aquaculture, for fish, so-called breeding. Another project funded with European funds was researching lesser known and industrially bred pig breeds to help the industry improve quality meat† Almost 3.5 million euros has been earmarked for this project. The European Union also funded the development of new vaccines for animals called breeding to combat antibiotic resistance and reduce the cost of breeding. The amount is more than EUR 10.5 million to the testing of animals, the so-called breeding. Unfortunately, the list doesn’t end there.

I, sir, madam, activist, activist, each of us supported these projects with our own work. Their total public funding, our taxes, is about 35 million euros. This is a small drop in the ocean of public money that we spend to support those who harm animals. I want to say it clearly – damages are actively supported and accepted today, financially and legally.

We don’t need much to change the world. We need new strategies and courage.

Strategies that will unequivocally and uncompromisingly take animals off our plates, our labs, universities, cosmetics, clothing, entertainment. Strategy without hurting others. Strategies that show that the future will only be better if we decide that non-human animals are not for something, do not have to serve a human, economic or financial purpose. Such strategies will be designed and executed by the brave and the brave.

To side with the weakest has always taken and required courage. It has always been about being ridiculed, ridiculed, ignored and ignored.

However, we are convinced that empty cages, laboratories and universities will only be possible thanks to the brave. Today it is the organizers of this meeting who have the courage to talk about another world, show the absurdity of the exploitation of non-human animals, set an example of uncompromising struggle for those and those whose voices are not heard .

Tomorrow it should be politicians and female politicians. And we need the same uncompromising, ethical, empathetic courage from them. It’s impossible to fix a piece of a world we’ve completely broken. That is why we ask, we appeal to and we call on all those in power. Courage and consideration for harm to all animals. Maybe your next petition should have the hashtag #BeRealCrueltyFreePolitician.

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