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Today, like every year on April 4, is Homeless Animal Day. This is a huge problem worldwide, affecting up to a billion tetrapods around the world. This special holiday is therefore an opportunity to pay attention to their plight and take action to improve their situation.

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World Homeless Animal Day was founded in the autumn of 2000 in the Netherlandswhen a conference was held on the subject with the participation of as many as a hundred different Dutch NGOs. The purpose of this holiday is to raise the awareness of the society about this problem and inform about the possible solutions.

April 4 is no coincidence – this day falls exactly half a year after World Animal Day† The holiday focused on these homeless four-legged friends is now celebrated in 33 countries around the world. This problem mainly affects dogs and cats and is estimated to be: in Poland alone there are from 1 to even 4 million† Worldwide, there could be 600 million to as many as a billion homeless animals.

How can we help the pets?

Above all don’t buy, adopt† You can find your new friend at a local shelter or foundation or other NGO. Keep in mind that adoption saves a life, while buying an animal from a breeder, or even more so from pseudo-breeders, only fuels one’s business. It is also not worth choosing a dog or a cat that only looks at its appearance. The appearance of many animals that reside there reflects only their mental state – many of them suffer from depression caused by years of loneliness. There are many tetrapods that the appearance after receiving a warm house has changed beyond recognition

After the adoption, let’s think about: sterilization or castration of the animal† This treatment is key to tackling animal homelessness† It is performed by a veterinarian after the animal has reached sexual maturity, usually around 5-6 months of age. Deprivation of reproductive capacity it also reduces the risk of many serious diseases in animals tumors) and make them less nervous. It’s just as important chip the animal – in the case of the escape of a four-legged friend, it is much easier to identify the owner.

Temporary home, volunteer work, food collection – check which form of help suits you best

However, if you are not ready to welcome your pet, there are other ways to help. For example, you can become one temporary housing – such a person accepts the animal for several weeks or months – until the permanent guardian is not found for him. This means that the dog or cat does not have to be in a shelter or on the street and can slowly get used to the new home conditions and regenerate in a favorable environment. You can also check if your local animal shelter is running volunteer program† However, if you decide to use this form of support, remember that it will only have the greatest effects if it is long-lasting.

And if the busy schedule doesn’t allow you to take on such a challenge, you can also help once – by organizing a collection of pet food and other useful itemsor by depositing money for the existing online collection. One of these is, for example, that of the Viva Foundation for Ukrainian Animals. However, if you want to support another screenshot, always remember to check it out the credibility of the organizationwho organizes it.

Animals silent victims of the war in Ukraine. Help Wanted!

Poles are making massive efforts to help the victims of the war in Ukraine, but let’s not forget that confused and stray animals are also affected. It is for them that numerous collections are organized, not only financial ones. Find out how you can help…

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