The uprising of a Russian journalist. It’s about propaganda and the use of nuclear weapons

too public revealing the true sentiment in Russia and for a critical assessment of the war in Ukraine The Russians are facing dire consequences. The former cycling sponsor found out, Oleg Tinkov† “I see no beneficiaries of this crazy war! Innocent people and soldiers are dying. Generals wake up hungover and realize they have a worthless army. And how is the army supposed to be good, when everything else in the country is shit and entangled in favoritism and servility?” – he wrote on Instagram. And now for the honesty pays a high price

As he just confessed, he was forced to sell his shares in a Russian bank† They were bought at a very low price by a man associated with Putin. Tinkov added that there are more people in Russia who think like him but are afraid to talk about it.

Now another Russian broke free. It is about Aleksandra Szmurnowa well-known journalist who deals with sports, especially football.

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In an interview with Vot Tak Szmurnow told about the backstage of leaving the well-known Russian channel† As it turned out, he was tired of being the mouthpiece of the Kremlin’s propaganda that “kept him captive” and acting on the dictates of politicians. He’d had thoughts of leaving before, but kept postponing his plans. Until February 24, when – as he himself said – “all compromises are over“Now he wants as many people as possible to hear what he has to say about the war and Russia.

Journalist has a family in Ukraine, living in Kharkov and Zaporizhzhya. When the war broke out, he spoke to them on the phone. They cried into the horn† They are currently in the western part of the country, hiding from Russian bombs and attacks. “I am in contact with them all the time and they say that they did not expect to see such wonderful people in Western Ukraine. They are of Russian nationality, they have spoken Russian all their lives and they are shocked by what is happening– he reveals.

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Aleksandr Szmurnow even though he doesn’t watch Russian league games, not even with his favorite Spartak Moscow. Explains why.

In his opinion, all the battles for the Russian championship have always been a prelude to the competition on the international arena. If football players can’t present themselves in the West now, the game – in his opinion – makes no sense† “The professional league does not exist now, I am not even interested in a minute of these matches” – he judged.

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Shmurnov was also asked about the threats made by the Kremlin. Moscow dignitaries they threaten to use nuclear weapons† There is a lot of talk about it on Russian television.

He added that “he doesn’t want anyone to target his children.” †I don’t want to become a nuclear axis and I don’t want our planet to become a nuclear ash† I don’t want generations of Russian children to be raised with the belief that it’s possible,” he said.

Finally, he shared his thoughts on the earlier idea of ​​merging Russia and NATO. “Then most warheads would be destroyed because they just wouldn’t be needed. Now those warheads are on opposite sides. Why didn’t Russia join NATO? I do not know, but now there would be no such problems “- he concluded.

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