He dragged the dog behind the car, the animal did not survive. Former senator convicted – News

There were 12 suspects charged with a total of 26 crimes. It is a multifaceted issue of the so-called Podkarpackie scandal.

Who is Jan B?

Jan B. – former PSL MP, member of the National Council of Justice and Deputy Minister of Finance – was charged with corruption, incitement to abuse of power and disclosure of information related to the performance of public functions. According to the prosecutor’s office, he accepted bribes, including: PLN 813,000 in cash, gold bars worth more than 128 thousand. PLN and an interest-free loan of 150 thousand. zloty.

Accusation of Jan B.

Investigators accuse a member of parliament from Rzeszów of taking bribes from a Leżajsk entrepreneur, Marian D., in exchange for brokering the profitable handling of numerous cases. It involved obtaining preferential trade relations with established entities, a judgment favorable to the businessman from the Supreme Administrative Court and the appointment of the entrepreneur’s daughter to the office of judge.

The politician was also accused of cooperating in paying bribes to Robert M., persuading the local government, the tax officer and the police chief to give him information he had obtained in connection with the performance of official duties. .

The former deputy was also accused of persuading former prosecutor Zbigniew N. to pay 100,000. PLN bribe in exchange for convincing a judge to reject a potential arrest motion for this prosecutor. According to the investigators, the politician would also accept a financial advantage from Roman B. in exchange for, among other things, arranging a transfer to another position with the police.

Among the suspects, former deputy commander-in-chief of police

The public prosecutor also wants the entrepreneur Marian D. to be brought to court, who was accused of paying bribes to Jan B. The former MP would receive at least 800,000 from the businessman. PLN and a kilogram of gold in exchange for mediation in settling cases at the Supreme Court, the National Council of the Judiciary and the State Forestry Directorate in Krosno. He was also accused of corruption of Janusz W. in exchange for brokering affairs in various state institutions.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the suspects also include former deputy chief of police for criminal matters Mirosław S., former tax commissioner of the tax control office in Rzeszów Jan M., and former star player of the Przeworsk district, Zbigniew K . abuse of power and provision to Jan B. of information obtained in connection with the performance of official activities.

The indictment also concerns Robert B., Józef F. and Józef W., who were repeatedly believed to take bribes from Marian D. in exchange for maintaining preferential trade relations with established companies. The suspects also include Roman B., Maciej K., Urszula R. and Bogusław P., whose actions are related to the charges against Jan B. and Marian D.

Investigators noted that this was the eleventh indictment in a multi-threaded investigation into the Podkarpackie scandal. A total of 52 people have been charged in this case, of which 32 have already been charged.

Not only business people, but also politicians

The allegations in this investigation include: former deputy minister of infrastructure, former heads of the Rzeszów prosecutor’s offices, a fuel industry businessman in Podkarpacie and his partners, former president and former vice president of the Jasło refinery, director of the Regional Directorate of Lasów Państwowe w Krosno, former head of the tax audit department of the second tax office in Rzeszów, head of the corporate banking team of one of the banks, former director of the State Protection Office in Rzeszów, former president of the Supreme Chamber of Control, Former Members of the Board of Directors of PGE EO, d.o.b. ABW officer, inspectors of the County Building Supervision in Nisko.

Some of the discussions ended with charges already filed in court, including against: former head of the Supreme Court, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, former director of the PSL provincial administration in Rzeszów, former head of the public prosecutor’s office in Rzeszów, Anna H. The latter was convicted in October of this year. for a total sentence of 3 years and 6 months of absolute imprisonment.

In January 2017, Marian D. was finally sentenced to a total prison sentence of 4 years and in February 2018 a final sentence of 1 year and 8 months was handed down against the former director of the State Protection Service in Rzeszów. On the other hand, in March 2018, a former Internal Security Agency official was also convicted of a final conviction as a result of an ongoing investigation.

In January 2020, the former Marshal of Podkarpackie County, Mirosław K., heard the last sentence of three years in prison, in September 2021 the last sentence of 5 years in prison, 7 thousand PLN fine and confiscation of property heard former Rzeszów prosecutor Zbigniew n.


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